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Mississauga Painters

Mississauga  House, Condo, Apartment, Commercial Interior, Exterior Painters

Our location is very close to Mississauga and Brampton. We are also located at 6855 Airport Rd. Suite 119 in Mississauga Ontario. We have many requests to paint the house in these areas we are not just strictly a Toronto paint company. We  also paint cottages.  Mississauga Painters

You can  hire  our interior and exterior painting  experts for Mississauga houses and Brampton and Oakville and Milton Ontario and Streetsville Ontario, with us you are worry free knowing you have one of the best Mississauga house painter in the area. Whether you want to do some interior painting or some exterior painting.

We have been extending our painting services out to these areas for many years. Back in those years we already considered Mississauga and Brampton and Oakville and Streetsville a part of the GTA even before it was named the GTA. Our services are exactly the same whether you were doing a house painting in Toronto or Mississauga.

Painter Mississauga and Painter Toronto:exterior painting of house

We respect your belongings

  • we clear the room of all small movable furniture and items
  • anything that we cannot remove we will cover
  • we make sure that all your floors are protected

Before painting we do prepping for painting

  • we carefully inspect all the walls for cracks and holes
  • we scrape off all peeling and flaking paint
  • the plaster all cracks and holes and nail holes from pictures
  • And we sand and prime all repaired and plastered areas


  • we remove all the tape and masking we applied
  • put back all doorknobs and light switch plates electrical plug in plates
  • we carefully remove all painting drop sheets and plastics
  • we clean up or vacuum floor
  • we put all the furniture back to the approximate location they were before painting
  • we remove all our garbage and painting tools

Contact us today at 416-568-3547 for a free estimate on your exterior house painting or interior house painting needs or click on Mississauga painters.

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