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Mississauga Home Renovations

One tip for home renovations is being able to revert back to the original if the renovation took away from some of the qualities of the home and resale value. Typically one thing that people do is modify bedrooms to suit their needs and requirements.


3. Taking out a bedroom

It’s common today for people to transform a bedroom into a huge master closet or into a home office with a built-in desk and cabinet. If you do, make sure the room can be easily turned back when you put the home on the market. Buyers with kids may need that bedroom. They’ll see the room you converted into a home office or closet as more money they’ll need to spend to turn it back into a bedroom.


A home office is the easiest to undo, as long as you haven’t built in intricate desks, shelves and cabinets. A large closet generally goes within a master bedroom, which includes taking out a door or putting up a wall — all of which is harder to undo.

Originally from : http://www.zillow.com/blog/2013-05-27/5-home-renovations-that-could-hurt-resale/

home renovation
home renovation tip number 1, you can turn your bedroom into a home office

authored by: Vic Nagy

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