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Mississauga decks

Mississauga decks

Deck repair season is coming up soon.

Hopefully you have done your deck maintenance and got your deck ready for the winter months. I suggest to all my customers that at the end of the season when you’re tree leaves have all fallen in your deck and is covered with leaves and broken pieces of greenery stuck between the boards and is covered with leaves all over you should clean it all off.

  • Cleaning your deck should be done by 1st sweeping off the large leaves and things that can be easily swept into the garbage container.
  • Next I would remove any foliage between and under the boards that can be easily accessed (this is a good place for moisture to retain and cause rotting)
  • Once your general deck cleaning is done wash your deck off with water and a deck brush and this will remove all the dirt on top and the dirt that is in between the cracks and fissures on the boards (when the cracks and fissures fill up with dirt and attract moisture this will cause the crack in the board to widen as it freezes creating a larger crack for next year)
  • Mississauga decks cleaning
    Mississauga decks cleaning


  • Mississauga decks cleaning
    Mississauga decks cleaning Power washing

    On some of our applications it is required to put a light topcoat of the original stain for added protection for the following year (of course weather permitting and temperatures permitting).

If you take care of your deck and generally do good maintenance every spring and fall your deck will last years longer.

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If you do not have a power washer then you can just use regular garden hose and a deck scrubbing brush to remove dirt and mildew. We usually use a pail of water and light detergent scrubber down and then afterwards hose it off with a hose with a nozzle on it and a medium spray setting to be able to dislodge the dirt. At this time it would also be wise to tighten and screw down any loosening boards or railings ensuring that frost won’t break them open even more.

by: Vic Nagy

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