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When you’re building something out of wood like for example with this picture below with the man putting a new casing above his doorjamb, it’s easier to mark and visually see what you have to cut. As you can see with the piece of molding he is holding in his hand he has a perfect visual representation of what he doing. He turned the piece of door casing upside down and then marked the way it will look when cut to length. This is the most accurate way of doing this.

The only care that has to be taken into consideration here is making sure that your angles are perfect. The vertical door casing must be exactly perpendicular to the horizontal casing. On fine detailed assembly I usually miter cut as close as possible and leave the last little bit to a small block plane or sandpaper.

When making these fine adjustments you have ample time to slowly shape the correct joint angle to make a perfect fit. The trick here is not to hurry and not to over a sand or plane. Do this procedure in small increments and keep on trying to fit it until it fits perfectly.

Avoid using numbers

 carpentry tips on measuring

Don’t measure: It is more accurate to mark trim in place than to measure and then transfer numbers. It’s easy to misread a ruler or to confuse numbers while walking to the saw.

It is usually more accurate to hold a board in place to mark its length rather than to use a tape and involve numbers. Sometimes, using a ruler or tape is unavoidable. I’ll use a tape measure on a long piece that’s too difficult to mark in place, but generally I don’t like tapes. A tape can flex and change shape, and the movable end hook bends easily, affecting accuracy.

A rigid rule is better than a tape for measuring lengths under 6 ft.; hence, the 6-ft. folding wooden rule takes over during trim and cabinet work. The best folding rules come with a sliding brass extension that makes taking inside measurements easy. Open the rule to the greatest length that fits between the points to be measured, and slide out the brass extension the rest of the distance. Hold it at that length, and carry it to the board to be cut. No need for numbers. Just mark the board from the extended ruler.

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