Mississauga carpenters deck repairs on steps.

Mississauga carpenters

are often called for loose and wobbly steps on

wood decks

. When steps get loose on decks they can become dangerous and unsafe to use.

In this case the homeowner phone because the steps were loose and making creaking noises. We went to their home in Mississauga to inspect and to see what we could do with the deck steps. Upon careful looking over the steps we found that some of the stringer which attaches the treads to the steps were rotten. Furthermore the base of the stringer was also rotten so it wasn’t sitting flat and firm to the ground. The railing was an integral part of the steps meaning that it was attached for security to the bottom of the stringer which was no longer solid and secure.

After looking over the situation and assessing the damages caused by years of neglect and not paying attention to any

?deck repairs

we decided that the steps would have to be removed and rebuilt along with the handrail. None of the old parts such as pickets, fence post and handrail along with the stringer, risers, treads could be used over there were all far gone to be reused.

The first thing that have to be done was to demolish and disassemble the step assembly ?leading to the wood deck. The best way to do this type of thing is to disassemble in part by part and piece by piece which makes it much easier afterwards to organize it and throw it into the rubbish. When you take these parts apart and put them into a bundle the garbageman will remove them but you cannot throw out parts of stairs in front your house.

This wood is no good for your fireplace ?It is ?just garbage. This type award is to dry wood burned far too fast to be of any heating consequence. Especially true if the wood has had multiple coats of paint on it.

for more information and an estimate on your wood deck repairs and replacement or possibly power washing of your deck and staining/painting please call Vic at 416-568-3547 for Toronto and Mississauga.

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