truth about zero voc paint

Low voc paints

Toronto Painters?is?asked a lot about if we use low or VOC paints.

From our understanding the government would not allow dangerous paint to be used that were harmful to both the painter and the homeowner. There are certain limits which have to be stayed within to be safe for the public.

but we do go out of the way to make sure that we do use the lowest VOC paint available at the customers request after all they are paying for it.

low voc paints
low voc paints

The average homeowner

might not feel any effects at all from any paint whether it is high in?voc or low voc. We know painters who have been applying both types of paints for years and years who are still healthy and not complaining about anything. But then there other people even a whiff of dust throws them into a tantrum and sneeze their head off. ?Watch this?;

all kidding aside

Even inhaling high-performance cleaning agents, bleaches, degreaser’s, barbecue cleaner and so on are just as unhealthy. Even the hairspray that they spray on your hair at the beauty salon is for sure not healthy as is the air freshener which sprayed into the air to get rid of the bad smelling your home.

Of course we are all health-conscious and we do whatever is best for us and go by our beliefs.

For those people who can remember before latex paints were mainstream everything was painted with oil-based paints. These paints kept your house stinking for days on end which is far worse than the smell which is almost nothing from latex paints.

There are thousands and thousands of people who I’m sure have lived through painting experiences in their homes who have lived very long healthy lives and never even thought about complaining or?mentioning anything of these type of?paints which probably wasn’t even invented till lately.

But for those who are interested in going deeper into learning about this I have placed the link below.

Zero Voc may not really be Zero VOC as advertised?

via Learn About Zero Voc paint | The truth about zero voc paint.

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