kitchen cabinets painting

Kitchen Cabinets Painting

It’s getting to be about that ?time again ?people start thinking about?kitchen cabinets?painting ?and cabinet painting. We are one of the best,

Toronto kitchen painting contractor in Toronto

?But also paint kitchen cabinets in Mississauga or Oakville .

Kitchen Cabinets painting

is not the same as

kitchen painting

The picture belowIt Is a straight kitchen paintingWhere we just painted the walls only.

Kitchen walls only


It involves many more steps. There is a lot of preparation work involved even prior to the painter stepping in to start their painting. Best practices for painting kitchen cupboards is to empty out all the cupboards to ensure that there is no damage done to the contents such as dishes OR coffee cups and drinking glasses.The reason that kitchen cupboards should be emptied out is because when the cupboards are being sanded it makes dust so obviously the best thing to do is remove all your contents putting them into a safe place while the painting is being performed.

How to Paint Kitchen Cabinets

A makeover doesn’t necessarily mean replacing those gloomy cabinets. You can clean them up and brush on some new paint?and within a weekend take that kitchen from dreary to sunny.


Kitchen cabinets painting

Kitchen cupboard painting starts with preparation work, washing all the dirt and grease off the doors and walls than letting them dry. After they are dry the next debt is to do a light sanding everywhere to ensure that you remove the glaze. And also to ensure that the basecoat (paint primer) will bond. When everything has been fairly sanded down it should be wiped with a tack cloth to remove all the accumulated dust. In some cases the next step would be to put a basecoat down especially formulated for kitchen cupboard doors such as melamine and other plastics that the doors and cabinets are laminated with. When the prime coat has dried it will also receive a light sanding with 180 or 240 grit fine sandpaper just to get rid of the fluff balls and dust balls. Then again it will be wipes down to remove any dust.

In most cases to finish coats will be applied of melamine paint which mostly these days is either a straight latex combinations or a highbred mixture of oil and latex. This hybrid mixture tends to dry a little bit slower and also levels out little smoother creating a smoother finish after drying (not as much orange peel effect or brush marks).

Once all the kitchen cupboards and Cupboard doors are dry by the following day it will be okay to put back all the doorknobs/handles and hardware. Care must be taken though because the paint will still be relatively soft even though it has surface hardened. Once you develop a scratch on a finish surface which has a perfect paint job on it it will be difficult to repair a scratch on it. You will have to wait a long enough time to be able to sand down the scratched area so you will be able to blend in a new coat of paint.

Clear Topcoats for kitchen cupboards and doors

There are some clear topcoats that can be applied after a while on your freshly Kitchen cabinets painting, this will give further protection against wear and tear and scratches. The same amount of care has to be taken applying to this clear coat appliction because it also has the effect of orange peel or brush marks so you still have to be careful the way you apply it not to create such marks.

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