Kitchen Cabinet Painting

Painting kitchen cabinets
Painting kitchen cabinets are definitely decorative idea

Kitchen cabinets painting and cabinet painting is one of our specialties.

Our kitchen cabinet painters perform this service with great accuracy, neatness and speed,and we know which paint for kitchen cabinets to use. People often are amazed how we can improve the looks of their existing kitchen cabinets was just simply applying different colors and shine levels.

We remove all the hardware from the doors. Then we degrease where necessary so the paint will stick on. Wood kitchen cabinets are first sanded to open up the pores to accept the new paint.

We then prime all the sanded surfaces and then after drying we lightly sand the prime kitchen cabinets door to make it nice and smooth.

We next apply a special kitchen cabinets paint that is wear resistance and scuff resistant. After applying two coats we let it dry and then we reinstall the kitchen cabinet doors on the cabinets.

We can also re-stain certain types of kitchen cabinets, here we have to ?sand straight down to the bare wood for the stain to penetrate properly. But in some cases we are less fortunate to be able to sand too much off the sides of the kitchen cabinets because they are covered with a very thin wood veneer creating a problem not to stand straight through the wood veneer. Here are some delicate handiwork is performed if possible not to ruin the wood veneer.

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