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Is it a good time to paint in the winter?

Painting in the wintertime can be done just as effectively as in the summer. Matter of fact painting in the winter the air is more drier making the paint dry faster and harder sooner.

Today’s eco-paints are formulated in such a way that they do not cause such an environmental health hazard. the VOC’s In today’s modern paints. As paint dries it leaves an odour and some light fumes called VOCs which are negligible basically unless someone has a supersensitive pair of nostrils. If the smell of the paint is not offensive which it wouldn’t be for 90% of the people do not worry about the paint fumes they will do nothing.

[metaslider id=2407]Painting in the wintertime can be to your advantage because

professional house painters

in the winter are always slower because many of the painting projects are performed outside doing exterior painting.

To keep the men employed and busy painting most

house painting contractors

drop their prices in the wintertime. House painting shouldn’t be a seasonal type occupation therefore the painter should be working your round. This is a good time to employ and hire a house painter or condo painter to do those painting projects which you have been thinking about. Take advantage of the good deals that are offered in the off-season.

Typically for example you might have been quoted $1000 to paint a one bedroom condo in downtown Toronto in the summer months but if you decide that you would be interested having it painted in the winter months you might be able to get a discount and take advantage of the seasonal slowdown in the painting business.

For example when


is not busy we can afford to drop our prices slightly to accommodate better value for your condo painting and house painting. This is also good time to consider having your stucco ceilings removal done in the off-season. Stucco ceiling removal is becoming a common task because most people are getting bored and tired of looking at the old-fashioned pebble textured ceilings. They are not removing the stucco and refinishing with flat ceilings.

The cost of this operation primarily depends on whether the ceilings were previously painted or not. If the ceilings have been painted over the stucco then maybe more difficult to remove the stucco thus more cost is involved in labor and materials. But if the stucco had never been painted before then it will come off much easier and quicker leaving a smoother finish sooner. Ultimately at the end it needs to coats of finish plaster to complete the job before a final coat of flat latex paint is installed. And finally you have a beautiful flat finished drywall ceiling you would find typically in higher-end homes of recent.

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