Interior House Painting Companies In Toronto and Mississauga

Interior House Painting Companies
Interior House Painting Companies

Interior House Painting Companies Toronto and Mississauga

We are in a group of inside house improvement companies that use high quality paint on our painting job. We are a painting contractor.If you have a painting project and have questions about, paint colour we might have your painting solution. We have been home painters using professional paint exclusively.

We have over 30 years of experience painting,??Interior House Painting Companies the (GTA) Greater Toronto Area. Painting your home is a fantastic way to freshen up your house. Just ask for an interior painting estimate our contact us page. Any experienced painter will tell you the most important part to painting is taking the time to do the prep properly.? If you hire us to paint the interior of your house we always make sure it is done ‘right’ the first time.

Our?Interior House Painting Companies will ;

?protect your personal items:

  • Furniture or smaller items will be removed
  • Items that can?t be moved will be covered with plastic and/or drop painter sheets
  • All Floors are protected too with drop cloths

Prepping for painting:

  • Hardware is protected: door knobs, electrical switches & outlet covers get removed or masked
  • Peeling paint is scraped and sanded
  • Holes and cracks are patched
  • Any wall areas that are patchy will be sanded and primed

Clean-up: Our goal is to leave your home cleaner than when we arrived.

  • Masking tape and drop cloths are removed
  • Floors are swept or vacuumed
  • Furniture and hardware is carefully placed back
  • All garbage, tools, and equipment are removed

Our Interior Painting Services Include:

You name it, we probably paint it!

  • Wall and Ceiling Painting
  • Painting Wood and Trim
  • Decorative and Faux Painting
  • Wallpaper Removal
  • Kitchen Cabinet Painting
  • Wood Floor Staining
  • Drywall and Plaster Repairs
  • Stucco Spray
  • Molding & Carpentry Repair

Why Use Us to Paint Your Home?

  • Over 30 years experience!
  • We have respect for you & your property!
  • We completed projects on-time & on-budget!

A little-added note to this ? you only get what you pay for and it is important that you look around and qualify any painting contractor you are looking at. Whether it is commercial painting or you’re looking for residential painting service just make sure that you check their reviews out. It is not always the best price that should matter if the quality of work you get for the best value. Many times we have gone to jobs where we have to go over and redo or repair the previous painters’ deficiencies and faults. Lots of times we have to go in after another painter because they just could not make a straight line by the ceiling, he was wobbly and would hit the ceiling or run short on the wall making it a very ugly job. This is the last thing you need is a crooked brushwork it looks too amateurish. Also, just by looking at quality of the painting equipment the contractor has and the types of materials they use is a good indicator of the quality workmanship you will receive. If the contractor shows up with dirty worn-out used paintbrushes and rollers and trays that have?looked like they had never been cleaned out this will indicate the type of contractor you’re dealing with and could reflect on the type of work you will receive. In most cases a dirty painter who looks sloppy and his equipment is dirty, you’ll end up with some very bad results and you wish that you never hired them. we strongly urge you to check out the reviews prior to hiring any contractors.

The trick in professionalism is to start properly at the beginning. How professional will ensure that all the furniture and floors are protected


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