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Interior design ?is made up of many different types of things. The one I want to talk about is?your favorite colors. If you happen to like a certain color whether it be blue or green you can pick a variety of different shades and hues derived from the base color. And when you are decorating your home with the shades, you’re giving your home a very unique personality.

There are some unwritten rules in selecting paint colors, obviously there are certain paint coordinations and sets that appeal to the average person. When you’re studying the relationships between paint colors you understand what colors work best with each other and are more widely accepted generally.


Interior design toronto using color wheel
Interior design toronto using Color Wheel


All colors have some sort of relationship to any other colors in some way or another. Such of the black color and the whiter color go together but they’re totally opposite. If you are using a color wheel for example on some color wheels there are coordinating colors that you can choose to select paint schemes. The color wheel is something similar to a protractor where ?you pick one color and you look down to another section of the wheel that is indicating that this color would be a good color to go along with the original color.

Also lighting plays a big factor in your colors. Regular daylight colors in the purest form of lighting and would you be the truest color. While if you’re using light bulbs and different types of lamps which all create different reflection in the paint color. This means that if you have a almost creamy looking color during bright daylight it might look somewhat sandier color in the shade ?giving the room a different effect. so if you think about this evening your lighting the part of your interior design.

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