One common interior carpentry upgrade is changing the baseboards. They take a beating over the years and the chips and gashes in them. Nails start retracting out of them and they start separating away from the wall leaving a ugly looking site. Older homes also have narrow flat baseboards that we don’t do much cosmetically other than protect the bottom of the wall.
Baseboards can be removed and replaced within a day to modern 4 3/4 inch deep groove colonial series baseboards which add a totally different perspective to the way of the room looks. Also entire doors and frame assemblies can
be replaced either because they are broken or simply need updating to current styles.Sometimes doors after a while start sagging and not closing properly which can be sometimes remedied by some simple fixes and adjustments to maintain a clearance for the door to open and close properly without scratching and binding into the doorjamb.
Some customers want to upgrade by installing wood crown moldings which greatly add character to a room. Crown
moldings can be purchased in small profiles all the way to six-inch wide or more complicated complex profiles. They add that extra little touch that you might not have thought of until you saw it. Others might want to have wood
bookshelves installed to gain a little extra room and able to organize their book library or magazines. This is a great way to get stuff off the floor or off the end of your side table.
You might not be happy with your walk-in closet where we can help you update the configuration of your closet to accommodate your specific needs. We can build shelving and hangers in the right places for easy access and space-saving.

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