How much will it cost me to paint my house?

How much will it cost me to paint my house?

I guess this all depends on how much of the house will be ready for painting. It’s amazing that people want a really good price on their house painting bought aren’t willing or able to step up and do some preliminary work such as moving furniture out of the room. Last week we were bargained for a house paint job that was up for home staging. I’m sure every painter has heard the question ?is that the best you can do?or ?can you do better than that?or something like that. I am not sure whether or not dentists or doctors or accountants get these kind of questions or at least as many times as we do as professional house painters. House painting is a skill like any other trade that takes years of practice and self-improvement getting knowledgeable about the different and newest paints and the way they are applied making sure that the customer is getting the best quality for their money.

Not getting back to this individual who wanted a good price and the best price for the house painting. They said they would remove all the furniture for the start of the job. On the first day there were suitcases and dresser drawers pushed into closets that oversized bed in the middle of the bedroom with a dresser jammed between the bed and the wall. We walked in I looked around and said what’s happening here and they said that the home stager needed these items so they weren’t going to remove them. Meanwhile we were stuck with having to move the furniture around the room to paint the walls.

You need approximate 2 feet of space to be able to scale the wall with the stepladder and also paint the bottom of the wall and the baseboards. Another instance of bad planning on the behalf of the home stager was there inability to be able to make decisions before the painting process. In one case the painter asked the home stager what to do about the mirror and light above the vanity since they did not look right. A good professional trained I would?ve picked up on this and would?ve told the painter to remove the mirror and light and the plaster the holes leaving a nice clean wall to place a new mirror and light on.

Painting the walls and painting the baseboards are two different processes you have to paint one before the other. In either case you cannot paint both at the same time because of the both wet it will ruin the job. This means that the bed has to be moved at least twice for one wall. And if the bed has to be moved it takes a certain amount of time and care. If you add up directly just the time it takes for moving the furniture around the room you can calculate an additional half an hour to the cost of the room and if you are having seven rooms painted in the home all having an additional half an hour worth of moving stuff around not accounted for you will lose half a day from your budget.

In this particular house not only did the customer say he was going to remove the furniture but he actually asked me to disassembled the IKEA standing dresser cabinets. This was not a part of my original plan. I had one man in another room painting while another man was doing dead time disassembling the cabinet for the customer. This is not fair in respect to the original agreement. Being good people as we are I agreed to most of this. But we did voice our opinion and concerns about the original deal for painting we made and would like to stick to the original deal as close as possible without drastically running over budget with all the extra work.

To make this process easier for both the homeowner and the painting company the parts and components of the painting process have to be broke down as to who will do what and if they don?t do that then they will make a good by paying for the shortcoming such as the one previously mentioned where they said they would remove the furniture and then asked us to disassemble it. Disassembling this IKEA furniture was not a part of the deal and it took almost 2 hours for disassembling it. So it all this house consumed approximately a days worth of wasted time moving furniture around and disassembling it.

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