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Condo painting

price run standard in the industry with more established Toronto painting companies. We have been painting condos and apartments for over 30 years and it generally our prices fall in with the norm.

A condo owner might expect that the cost of painting a condo would be cheaper than painting a house per square area. But in fact painting a condo is no different as far as the painting work itself is concerned. There is still a certain amount of preparation work as is there with house painting and the actual process of paint application is exactly the same.

Mind you there are additional difficulties painting a condo as opposed to paint a detached home or semi-detached house.

If the condo is let’s say for example on the 20th floor this is an additional time expenditure and difficulty not occurred when painting a private home. In many cases there are time limits when jobs can be performed and certain amount of bureaucratic red tape involved with the job.

Then there is noise limits where you have to abide by the condos rules, additionally sometimes after working in the condo there is nowhere to dispose of the paint cans except take them back with you instead of putting them out in the garbage in the recycle. Our regular garbage.

In addition to all this there might be a parking charge if the customer has no space available for parking the truck.


So… how much to paint a Condo in Toronto?Ecopainting has possibly painted hundreds of condo units in the Toronto area, so we can definitely discuss average pricing based on our experience. Let’s say the condo is a 600 square foot unit with a bedroom and a den, open space kitchen and living area, and two small bathrooms.  We have painted units of that size for $1.000.00 or less, with minimal prep, one colour, painting walls only. This type of painting is just a clean-up type of painting, good for renting a unit, or making it look better for Real Estate sale purposes. With closets painted, doors and trim getting a coat of paint, you are closer to $1,500.00  Additional colours, an upgrade to better quality paint, and more prep work, will likely bring the price closer to $2,000.00

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Call us now for a free estimate on the phone for your condo painting needs whether it is to paint walls or paint all your surfaces such as ceilings, walls and trim. You might want to do stucco ceiling removal (get rid of the popcorn) and make it flat and smooth.

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