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House Painting Tips

House Painting Tips

House painting boiled down into a nutshell.This is a quick start video on the general procedures on house painting.It covers everything from paint preparation and covering to all preparations and trim preparations using plaster, sanding and scraping paint. It also covers minor details as removing doorknobs from doors and if you happen to run into some stains bleeding through your paint they talk about sealing the paint from bleeding through. The house painter also mentions tricks and methods of caulking baseboards  also this will work the same as door jams, he shows removing the old caulking and replacing it with fresh caulking and how to make it nice and tidy.They will show you the process of using a sash brush painting a window. Little tricks of cleaning up overrun from the paint onto Windows and type the paint scraper they use. They discuss rolling paint onto the wall and how to take care the roller after  you use it.

This is a good little video to get you the general feeling of what you need to know for performing interior house painting



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