Markham house painting work for hire

As a firm that does a lot of Markham house painting, kitchen cupboard painting is one of our specialties.

Sanding is an important part of any painting project.Without sanding your kitchen cupboard doors you can end up with paint peeling or flaking off.

After you have emptied out all your kitchen cupboards and this mostly is to prevent dust from getting inside onto your food and pots and pans. You should clean off all your surfaces with some type of detergent ensure that you have removed all ?grease and oil stains (this is to ensure your paint to stick). You should rinse off all the areas with clean water that you had cleaned with the detergent removing any detergent ?residue ?by the cleaning process. Now you have a nice clean ready to paint kitchen cupboard doors and cabinets and start sanding. We used a high quality 120 grit sandpaper for sanding cupboard doors

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