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House painters are dedicated professional team of qualified and experienced tradesmen who can handle the various aspects of preparing and updating your house’s appearance.

You might call painting contractor for various and different reasons. Your home might be in excellent condition and all you want to do is just simply change the colors on your walls, and there are no drywall repairs required. This is the simplest and easiest form of house painting. Almost no one has a house that doesn’t need some type of small repair. Unless this house is being very frequently repainted and at some point lately all the repairs were done.

Another reason why you might want to hire a painter is if there were a lot of drywall and trim repairs that had to be performed to give the room a nice clean look and the painting was the finishing touch. Preparation work is the key to a good quality paint job. If trim work joints have large gaps and openings in them and the nail holes from mailing the trim on to the wall were still exposed or nails were still protruding from the wood, these would have to be fixed by driving the nails into the wood and fill them with putty and then prime them and seal them. Gaps are also large problems where the trim is separating from the wall here to the professional painter will be able to neatly and cleanly fill in the gap creating a seamless transition between the wall and trim with such things as Alex plus paintable caulking.

Professional painters are also very handy at guiding the homeowner towards the proper choice and selection of paints. Through his vast experience from painting different homes and offices, condos and apartments, he will have a good idea on what colors and color combinations are widely acceptable in their contemporary for the times. The painting professional will also be able to devise you on the sheen level of your paint he can explain to you the differences between flat paints and satin paints, eggshell paints and semigloss paint. There are washable flat paints and non-washable flat paints which will be slightly cheaper. He can also tell you that if you want a paint to be somewhat washable you might consider using an eggshell or semigloss paint. These are washable because they already have a shiny surface that doesn’t retain dirt as easily because of the nature of the paint, it is not as porous as a flat wall paint would be.

A professional house painter knows his job and knows what he has to do, he is efficient and thorough and well practice. He knows how to start a paint job and knows the process all the way to completion. He covers everything with plastic and drop plus throughout the room protecting everything that’s in the room and when he is finished then he will replace all the furniture he had moved back into their original positions and replace the carpeting if there was any. He would put all the pictures back on the walls if need be and clean up the room with either a vacuum cleaner or a dust mop. He then would invite the homeowner to come in and inspect the paint job and if the homeowner was happy with the paint job than he would present them a bill for services rendered.

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