House painters Toronto

House painters Toronto

Kitchen-cupboard-painting still showing wood grain

just finished painting the kitchen in a condo. The customer wanted to change his medium shade oak kitchen doors and drawers and cabinets to a dark reddish rust color. This was quite a change from the original paint color. Of course the ?grain in the Oak still showed through giving it a natural oak look.

The customer was considering changing his backsplash in his kitchen the kitchen painting was done. He had sort of a beige tile as a backsplash contrasting to the original medium oak color which look quite unattractive and blas?. Block when the kitchen cupboards got painted with the new color the owner had a 2nd thought on changing the backsplash. So sometimes it’s worth it to think it through comparing different colors to your existing colors. In this case the customer was quite pleased because he didn’t have to change his backsplash.

Dark colors seem to make things ?pop? out, the rather boring looking backsplash tiles seemed uninteresting with the old kitchen color but when the new kitchen counter got applied it made the backsplash look better.

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