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Painters Toronto and the Early Beginnings of House Painting that Ended the Era of a Dull World

In this modern time, homeowners are lucky that there are several choices in paint colors and brands for exterior painting and the house painters in Toronto are more than thankful that they get to live in this day and age when myriads of paint colors are available.? Take note that the wide array of paint colors did not exist some years back and you can just imagine how hard it must be for people during that time to force themselves to smile and say that they had the perfect colors to brighten their world.

There is no doubt that the aesthetic appeal of exterior painting can make any house look very gorgeous and elegant (at some point).? People from years ago were not as lucky to have such a selection of colors to choose from.? They could mix and match the colors but it was impossible to capture the exact colors that they have pictured in their minds.

Have you noticed that in very old neighborhoods they mostly used very basic colors to paint their homes inside and outside. The very basic colors were your off whites mostly of a yellowish brown nature and white which was at that time not even a very bright white. Also way back in the day there was only oil based paints available which in time yellowed. So every number of years you would have to repaint the rooms in the house because the paints were becoming yellowed.

Exterior painting is the same idea if you’ve noticed that most older homes had the basic greens and browns and whites for trim work and these paint jobs were also painted with oil-based paints which also did yellow even though they had partial colors such as green and brown.


Although a Toronto painter might mix and match colors at this day and age it doesn?t mean that the colors are still very limited.? It is always nice to welcome a new discovery with open arms especially new shade of color.?

 mix and match paint colors

These days if you’re interested you can call us up at 416-568-3547 and we can talk about paint colors. With the use of the Internet you can go online to various paint manufactures websites and look at the color selectors. Here you can come up with an idea on what colors you would like to choose for your bedrooms or living rooms, hallways, kitchens and any other rooms.

Once you’ve decided upon your colors we can go out to your home and further help you out with deciding what shades and different ideas of placing feature walls to really beautify your home.

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