How can I ensure I use the highest quality paints?

Vaughan?condo painters don’t skimp on quality paint. We buy paint out the best value for the dollar which means most the time we use top line paints. The same should go for the private homeowner and even more so because using top line top-quality paints help get the job done faster and nicer. Top-quality paint supply smoother and cover better. Top line paints also have better coverage per square foot store you will get more painting done for your gallon of paint.


Vaughan house painting – quality paint

Also top line name brand paints such as Benjamin Moore or Sherwin-Williams have a higher content percentage wise of titanium oxide which that helps with the paint coverage along with other additives that will also increase such things as wash ability and durability. Some other effects that these additives do include giving the paint a more of the ease of painting (goes on smoother and easier), doesn’t sprinkle as much, more fade resistant.


The Painters painting baseboards

Quick tip on using high quality paint or any other type of paint: your paint job is as only as good as the preparation work that you performed prior to painting. If the surface has not been cleaned and free of dust and grease/cooking oil steam on ceiling and walls for your kitchen cupboard doors the paint won’t take. Even the best of paints and primers won’t work if they are painted onto grease since ?grease is not stuck to ?kitchen cabinet doors or ?kitchen ?walls or ceiling.

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