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Home Painters condo painting on Yonge St.,

will bargain in the winter.

Oh yes, this is the time of year again where you can bargain for a cheaper

Interior painting quote

Painters are now looking around for work because of the winter weather is now here there is no exterior painting now in the winter leaving a lot of painters looking for interior house painting or condo painting jobs.

There is also another group of people who are less qualified representing themselves as ?house painters?and a lot of them are advertising in different places like ?Kijiji? and ?craigslist?. These folks are the ones that are making it more difficult for the full-time professional painters to maintain a level of affordable and sustainable quality and performance.

Professional painters practice their skills year-round full-time. They have experience in all the aspects of painting. And the most important one is preparation for painting and here is where most unqualified painters lack. When a painting job is done by a part-time or unqualified house painter don’t expect the paint job to last or possibly even look like a fresh clean crisp paint job since they lack the experience and know-how.

Part-time painter is exactly what the term means. The painter does not do this full time and possibly will do it for a long time so this might mean that who cares how long the paint job will last. If you’re looking for a quick and dirty paint job these are the people to contact. You don’t have too much to lose when you’re not expecting much.

Empty room/Empty house this is the optimal way to have a good price from your painting contractor. Painter goes into your home expecting to paint not to move furniture from room to room and spending a lot of unnecessary time covering all the valuables in the whole with plastic and drop cloths. The more open the space is the easier it is to paint the room or house the best thing that a homeowner could do is to have an empty house for painting prior to moving in or after moving out this saves a great deal of painting time which obviously will be charged for.

I?m serious about this one. Most painters are normal people trying to make ends meet too. Just tell them that you want the best value for your money, you like them, but you really need a better price in order for you to go ahead with this project. A polite, ?If you?please?give me a better painting quote, I will be happy to give you my business today? will many times work. Again, the key here is to be polite, and a little insistent that you want a better cost estimate?for painting your home. As simple as this sounds, many times you will get what you ask for.”

via Home Painters Toronto ? 7 Tips on Getting a Cheaper Price From Your Painter.

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