Home Depot

The Home Depot

The?Home Depot is the place we go for most of your home improvement needs. There are many Home Depot stores located in the GTA. So it is quite accessible to get any home improvement products such as lumber and plumbing and electrical supplies. It is talked to find a lumberyard close by and Home Depot virtually is a lumberyard. They might not carry everything that a real specialized lumberyard would but for the general handyman stuff it’s quite adequate.

Most of time when I am building a ?drywall wall in a home the most common thing is buying drywall and 2×4’s. They have a whole variety of different types of drywall such as green board and blue board and I have even seen cement board all for washroom and laundry room areas where there’s lots of humidity in the room. They also have a very good selection of vapor barriers. On the topic of renovating a washroom they also have all the necessary fittings to replace toilets and also they sell toilets if you have a broken one. But this is not the place to go if you’re looking for a specialty type toilet. But the general person is usually needing a fresh gasket after they replaced the toilet from doing some tile work on the floor. By the way they sell a good variety of tiles and hardwood flooring.

Speaking about hardwood flooring we also have a rental department that will rent you a floor sander and floor buffer if you are doing your hardwood floors. They also sell floor urethane to seal and finish your hardwood floors.

Speaking about hardwood flooring when you go to urethane or varnish your hardwood floor they have a paint department where they sell all kinds of latex and oil paints but mostly latex paints now because of the green program. Here they also sell Behr paint what I would not recommend Behr paint because I don’t know a person or painter that has had no insulation problems with it. If you want to buy good quality paints I would suggest to go to Benjamin Moore paints because they only sell paints and not toilets or hardwood floors.

If you’re looking for general purpose tools Home Depot has a good variety of different woodworking and plumbing tools along with paint brush and roller tools. Again these aren’t the premium craftsman type tools these are the general purpose most commonly bought tools. There is no tools they sell which are high-end as such. But the tools they do sell for the average person do quite well and even for some carpenters, woodworkers, trim installers and general contractors.

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