Home Decorating

Home Decorating involves sometimes thinking out of the box. Your home is just fine and possibly you have spent years decorating by adding furniture and repainting your home. You have redone all your floors (hardwood flooring, ceramic floorings, engineered flooring) you might have put area rugs down etc. etc.

All your space in your home has been filled with a selected piece of furniture and all your furnishings have been placed just to the right place. All your walls are painted the right colors of your choice and your comfortable with the selection.

So what do you do when your living space such as your home, condo or apartment has been decorated to the hilt. If you like everything the way it is but you want some change but don’t want to change anything that’s already there, you might just add some subtle changes that don’t affect or take away from your living space. Adding furniture will definitely take away from your living space, possibly adding pictures of the wall might not fit anymore your decor you might have too many pictures already.

What you might have to think about is adding something to dead space (space that normally is not used) these could be “coves” such as wall recesses or under staircases.

Just for example if you have some dead space underneath your staircase you might consider putting some type of book ?shelving there if it makes sense ergonomically. For for example you might consider putting a smart looking column up that doesn’t take much space and can serve as a vertical cabinet to store books, pictures or whatever. This vertical cabinet to be made any size fitting the area. This is meant for a decoration but also is useful in storage space.

You can hire a carpenter in Toronto to help you design and make just the right wood cabinet to suit your space and needs.

Any of these types of furnishings can be either painted or stained or laminated it’s your choice.

Vertical cabinets for added decoration


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