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Hardwood floor refinishing in Toronto

 Hardwood Floor
Just Finishing up Hardwood Floor

just completed at Don Mills and Eglinton in Toronto some oak hardwood floor refinishing this condo was a one bedroom plus den and two bathrooms the master bedroom and bathroom had carpet and ceramic floors. The kitchen area had ceramic floor so the remainder was a living dining area and a den that had medium walnut hardwood floor stain.

Fortunately the condo was empty the new homeowner just purchased it and was ready to do some upgrades and painting and of course the refinishing of the floor. Since this floor was in fairly good condition all the owner wanted to do was to freshen it up. Freshening up is not the same as redoing a hardwood floor. First of all the floor has to be screened (lightly sanded/buffed) what this does it removes the shine which prevents the top coat of urethane to adhere to the floor. Whenever re-coating an existing hardwood floor it is always wise to make sure that it is free of wax and oils. And for this reason we always use a varsol or degreaser to make sure that the floor is ready for urethane. You start by cleaning the floor down with a wet rag dampened with varsol enough to wet the floor and dissolve the grease or wax and then afterwards dry then afterwards wipe it the dry.

Now you’re ready to screen/sand the floor. We generally use about a 150 grit or 180 grit sand paper or screen mesh with a floor buffer. Start the buffer and immediately start moving it to make sure that you are not idle in one spot for too long otherwise you will end up sanding into the stain which will always lay ruined the job. Floor buffer is a tricky apparatus. It does a beautiful job but you have to have some experience in operating it because it could end up doing damage.

Go over the floor slowly lengthwise with the boards at a slow even pace and watch how well and what the screening action does. If it doesn’t look like it’s doing it off slow down if is doing too much speed up are you looking for is a dull surface finish on the wood. Is this dull finish that you’re aiming for so that the finish coat will stick to this.

Now it is time to clean all the sanding off the floor. We usually use a good quality commercial vacuum cleaner with a good brush head that will be able to brush out and suck up all the dust off the floor planks and in between the groups getting everything nice and dust free.

It is optional if you want to tack cloth the floor with a damp with a little varsol or paint thinner to attract the dust. You will have to occasionally turn the red around to collect more dust.

Apply three or four coats at the right drying intervals to get that full rich look. Read the manufacturer’s directions they may very. The more coats of urethane you apply, the deeper and better the floor will look.

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