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Front Porch Decor,Ways to Create a Welcoming Front Porch

Front Porch Decor

 front porch decor

front porch decor starts at your door

You don’t have to totally remodel your porch or even buy furniture to give it a face lift. Just buy a can of paint and call it a day! Painting a door a bright color is like smiling at your neighbors. It can show openness and express personality. Just make sure the color you choose isn’t more like a smirk–no one wants to live next to the house with the fuchsia or chartreuse door.

Source: Ways to Create a Welcoming Front Porch

How to paint your front door

painting your front door requires certain amount of scheduling an organization. You can’t paint your front door and then close it afterwards. Paint takes a certain amount of time to dry. Paint more or less has two stages of drawing basically one is dry to the touch and the other one is dry to cure and this is the one that has to occur before the door can close.

Pick a day

that you can afford to keep your door open or at least cracked open for as long as you can preferably the whole day. Organize the process so that all your preparation work is done the day before so that you don’t waste any of the daytime hour for drying. Do all your wood and dent repairs if you have a steel door. If you have a steel clad door that has some minor dents and scrapes it can be repaired the same way as a car body. Sand the damaged areas making sure at is clean then you can apply some autobody filler to fill over the scratched or damaged area or dented area. If the damages are small and not deep we?usually uses spot glaze which is a top coating for auto body filler which is very sandable and is very smooth along you to make a smooth even paint finish.

Wooden door repair

if you have an absolutely beautiful wood door that you want to restore sometimes better to have a replacement door fitted while you are working on the front door. This way you can work on the door horizontally laying down flat on its back allowing you to work away at defective spots on the door. Once all the damages such as scratches nail holes and cracks and splinters are all sanded out, repaired, caulked, primed, and painted. You can flip the door on its other side and paint the interior side of the door if you wish.

Choosing the color for the front door

there is no formula for figuring out what color you should be painting your front door. This all depends on what you have in mind. If you want to conform to the rest of the neighborhood examine the entry doors down the street and neighborhood. If you want your home to have a focal point and stand out and want to have your front door as your focal point (say if somebody is looking for your home you can tell them you’re the house with the dark blue door, that is if no one else has a dark blue door down your street). Add nice contrasting door will work best most times.

Front door upgrade

it is always best if you can afford to buy new hardware such as a front door entry set. They come in different styles and textures. Most commonly front doors have either an aluminum/stainless steel brushed finish or they have real bronze or bronze plated door handles. If you have a window in your door sometimes people either put a tinted privacy screen on the back or even a patterned privacy screen which makes it look quite different some of these can be bought at places like homesense stores.

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