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We specialize in Condo Painting -bachelor to a large ?luxury 4 bedroom condo unit with den living room,family room,sunroom with all the added extra features such as crown mouldings and stained shelving units and wood walk-in closets and libraries, just like a house we also paint apartments which are almost the same as condos.

Estimates are available over the phone at 416-568-3547. If you are interested in

Stucco ceiling and popcorn spray and repair

Drywall Repair

work such as replacing baseboards and doors and in the summer months if you are interested in having any wood deck building or repairs done.

We will ask you some questions about the size of your home and how many rooms there are in your home.
Other questions we will ask you are if there any repairs to be done on your interior walls or trim work, that will we need to be doing a will we need to be doing a plastering?
What type of trim work is the home trimmed in? For example are these large baseboards or are they small profiles that would be easier to paint?
Another painting estimate question we will ask you is how high are the ceilings, in other words, are the rooms higher than normal. When the rooms are higher than normal it requires a considerable extra amount of effort in painting due to the additional height and material used.

Free painting estimate

  • We will ask you if there are any water damages anywhere on the walls or trim work.
  • We will ask you are you painting your ceilings.
  • We will also ask you if there is any ceiling damage.
  • Will this be a color change?
  • Is there more than one color used in the rooms and is there more than one color throughout the house.
  • Will there be any feature walls?
  • Will there be any staining done to wood?
  • Estimate time for job completion
  • Estimate the amount of paints needed.

As you can see house painting is quite detailed, you take things for granted because you see them every day and don’t think and consider the effort and time it takes to make the items in your home look good. For example, if you have a larger house with a large entranceway that is two stories high the painting contractor will be required to use a long extension ladder to be able to access the top of the wall at the ceiling accurately for painting with a paintbrush this would increase the paint estimate. Sometimes these situations are quite dangerous due to the tight circumstances involved in positioning the extension ladder in the correct position to be able to paint the wall and retain a secure ladder positioning this would also alter the painting estimate.


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