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Early Times Our Professional House Painters

Journey Back in Time

The developments in the practice of house painting did not happen overnight.  People in the past did not discuss all about painting their houses the night before and then got up early the following day just to proceed with their house painting project.  There are certain things and events that happened along the way and that lead to the existence of house painting practice.

Evidence proved that man has been obsessed with filling his world with colors.  Forty thousand years ago, man has begun creating a colorful breathing space with the help of a material that functioned as paint.  The said material was composed of all-natural ingredients like soot, colored dirt, and organic materials combined with other substance.  Not long ago, archeologists discovered a place in South Africa that showed strong evidence that the clayey soil based coating of yellowish-brown may have been utilized as paint.

Wall painting
Bright open space


The colored walls in Dendera, Egypt is one proof that people used paint during those time and the painted walls have managed to stay the same even if so many years have passed.  The colors of the wall are as vivid as always like they were not painted some hundred years back, something that professional painters Toronto will surely find amazing.  People of ancient Egypt use oil or fat with lead, pulverized glass or semiprecious stones, dirt, and blood of animal to produce the colors red, white, blue, black, green, and yellow.  Detailed and intricate paintings that depicted their rich history and culture were painted together with other things related to the pharaohs and ruling classes as well as furnishings.  Some of the best display of paint colors can be found in the Egyptian tombs

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