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Drywall Stucco Ceiling Repair Spray Popcorn and Removal

Stucco ceiling

In most cases are installed onto drywall. On subdivision homes that have popcorn spray ceilings the drywall has only two coats of plaster on them. If there is no finish coat of paint applied it takes much more money and effort to finish the drywall off to paint ready finish (smooth even drywall plaster). And also it is not needed if it is going to be covered with course textured stucco which will hide a lot of imperfections in the drywall such as small spots they were never sanded or uneven spots.

popcorn ceiling stain

 Stucco Ceiling Stain
Stucco Ceiling Stain


Drywall stucco spraying

on the ceiling is water-soluble substance and can easily be damaged by moisture and water. A continuous buildup of moisture may blacken and cause mildew. Occasionally there are leaks coming in from above that can also cause popcorn to change color sometimes a orangey brown stain.
If this is all that happened was in fact a colored stain impregnated the popcorn but the actual popcorn structure and drywall is sound you can spray a special primer sealer on to the stained area ceiling of the stain so that it does not bleed through. This can only be done with a spray can and not a roller and brush unless you are using an oil-based paint because use latex (water-based) paint it will dissolve the popcorn as it is being applied.

Remove Stucco

The reason why some homeowners dislike popcorn ceilings is that damage to the finish can be a challenge to fix. Many new homeowners become nervous when they move into a home that has a stucco ceiling with signs of water damage and staining. Repairing and repainting a patch on a gloss-finish ceiling is an easy job but repairing a popcorn textured surface is often intimidating to those who have never done it before. The good news is that it isn’t very difficult to patch a popcorn ceiling with a water stain – you just have to follow a few simple steps

via Popcorn Ceiling – How to Remove an Ugly Stain — Drywall Repair Renovations.

Stucco ceilings are becoming a thing of the past most people these days would rather have flat painted ceilings. popcorn ceiling removal is becoming quite popular. Removing the popcorn of stucco ceilings is done easily when the popcorn has never been painted before. The stucco comes off generally in two ways. The first way would be by wetting the ceiling and then scraping the wet stuff go from the drywall. This is rather a tedious and messy process that requires a lot of cleanup at the end.
The second method is by using a special stucco ceiling Sanding machine which will sand the popcorn of the ceiling smoothly and evenly leaving a nice surface to work with. And I’ll be from little to no dust created from this way of removing the popcorn. It’s more costly but in the end less mess and quicker.
Once the stucco ceiling has been completely smoothed out next you will need a coat of primer (usually a latex white primer) and then a coat of flat latex ceiling paint to finish off the ceiling.


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