Drywall Repair and How to Fix Drywall

?Drywall Repair/How to Fix Drywall

Drywall repair
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Drywall repair?and how to fix drywall

is the same as just ordinary drywall wall repair except it is unfortunately above your head a little more difficult to work with. The same rules apply to ceiling repairs as to drywall wall repairs.

When you’re preparing a ceiling and you going to spray stucco on the ceiling it doesn’t have to be absolutely perfectly smooth it can have a little bit of roughness generally a rule of thumb is that the ceiling plaster preparation should be what they call? for final coat of plaster without sanding? this means that the drywall on the ceiling will be as smooth and as flat as the wall would be without that final finish sanding to create a smooth feel to it.

When you are replacing a large area of ceiling I usually cut a dimensionally square hole or rectangular hole I should say where you have half the floor joists exposed so that you can screw in the fresh drywall to it. In the open spaces where there is no support between the new drywall in the old drywall you need to place a piece of wood behind both pieces. Generally what I do is I take a 1″ x 3″ piece of wood however long you want it as long as it’ll fit into the place where it is intended to be. You use some drywall screws to fasten the wood dividing the wood in half leaving the other half exposed so you will be able to fasten the new drywall to this piece and to both ends which still have half the floor joists exposed.


When you create this hole don’t forget to make sure it is square. Generally what I do is first of all make sure that all sides are equal to the opposing side and then I make sure that the diagonal dimensions are identical this means that the hole is square. Likewise when you are cutting the drywall you have to make the exact same measurements less possibly quarter-inch to allow fitting. Mark places you’ll be running the screws in to make sure that you are hitting the wood not an empty spot. I usually market with a pencil where the wood is so I know where to drive the screw.


Now that you have the board up and in place you can take some fiber tape (make sure it’s not old tape it doesn’t stick well) and tape all edges.


Next I mix up some durabond 90 and put my first coat of plaster on. The neater you do it the less work you have later on down the line. After this is dried and then put a second coat on wider. (Usually this is all I do or have to do because I am well practiced at plaster) but you might need to do one more coat depending on your skill.


Large-Hole Repairs

When a hole is larger than about 6 inches in diameter, the best approach is to cut out the damaged area and patch in a new drywall piece. There are many different ways to make this repair; one approach we found simple is using the Sheetrock Drywall Repair Kit ($5.50) from U.S. Gypsum Corp. It comes with all the necessary supplies to make the repair, except the new drywall itself

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