Deck repair Toronto

Deck repair Toronto and Mississauga, Brampton Ontario

Deck repair Toronto

When thinking of custom deck work we can help with deck design on your home improvement project.

Hollywood painting has years of experience on residential decks?achieving high customer satisfaction?on building

and repairs are often neglected until it is almost too late. If proper deck maintenance should be in place to ensure the longevity of your wood deck.


When a homeowner hires deck repair Toronto services, for deck building and assemble a new deck they assume that the deck will stay perfect condition forever. Well, that is wrong. Okay, it looks good for the first couple years all things being equal but it starts developing cracks and fissures. Screws start backing out and would start warping and disfiguring. It also might start fading and even flaking depending on the type of stain that was applied.

To start with originally when the deck was first being built the deck builder should handpick each individual piece of lumber going into the assembly of the deck ensuring that the quality of the wood is in perfect condition. The wood should be absolutely straight without any bends or bows, twists or improper lengths.

Repairs are starting to get busy now with all kinds of staining and repairing inquiries.

?Deck repair Toronto
Is a normal maintenance issue that has to be addressed every year.

Deck steps
Are usually one of the first things to become loose and wobbly and possibly unsafe. Since the steps are sitting virtually on top of water most the time in the grass. It stays the moist just for the longest period of time enabling wood rot. When the stringers holding the steps become rotten at the bottom they will lose their solid footing and become insecure. Many times we have to remove the treads and remove the stringers and put in a new fresh pair of stringers to give the steps stability again.

Deck Railing
This is another place where water plays a big role in ruining the integrity security of the railing. Water makes bolts loosen up sometimes and makes wood swell and contract and dry out. Water will sit at the junction where a vertical pickets is sitting on top of a horizontal cross bar. Loose railings could be dangerous if not secure, someone could be leaning up against the railing expecting it to hold them and they fall off the deck.

Deck boards

Deck boards are also a large cause of repair because of water eroding the board causing fissures and splits and nails coming loose and starting to come out. Some cases it is easy as just simply driving some screws and where the nails were for a more secure connection. In some cases when the board is too far gone is easier just to replace the board with a fresh piece o wood plank or board

Deck staining and power washing, after the deck repair Toronto work is done.

When decks are in good condition after inspection and there?s nothing wrong we power wash the deck and if sanding is needed we sand the deck.

After sanding we apply most in cases to coats of top-quality UV protective water resistant stain. We like to use staying called San?Sin stains.

While assembling the proper types of fasteners should be used to ensure a proper connection between the adjoining surfaces that are being attached together. The screws should be a good quality noncorrosive deck screw that is weather resistant. Certain types of woods require different types of screws. It is advisable to use screws as opposed to nails because screws when they loosen up little bit can be retightened relatively security again but a nail once it loosens it can’t maintain the firm hold it had originally. Often it is a good idea prior to assembling and wood deck it is smart to paint or stain the underside prior to assembling it this will keep moisture and rot from happening.

After the

wood deck

has been assembled we usually let the wood acclimatized and settled prior to painting or staining it.

In the following years, every year deck maintenance should include a good washing removing all leaves and dead organic material off the deck and cleaned out between any cracks or holes or crevices ensuring that there is no bed of potential fungus or rot happening. Every spring after the snow melts and the sun starts shining regularly is the time when you might want to give the deck a quick touchup coat of stain where it looks like it might need it


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