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Deck Building, Repairs And Staining


This winter was extremely harsh and hard on our exterior wood Even the best of labor and materials applied last year broke down in some cases. I spoke to the owner of a established Benjamin Moore store where he told me that he himself personally stained his deck on his own home and had stain failure. And he knows exactly the procedure and what things to use and t type of stain to apply. And the weather conditions appropriate for this type of work

Deck repairs and staining

there is a number of things that should be taken in consideration when planning a deck staining job. Deck repairs and staining is not an easy job if done right. Preparation is the bulk of the work because without proper preparation including any deck repairs you will have done all this in vain because the following months or year you are going to have more and possibly bigger problems.

To do a decent job in your preparation work you have to make sure that you have the right tools because without the right tool the process will be much slower and probably not as good and thorough. Renting the right tools might cost quite a bit of money because you probably won’t be able to take the tool back quickly. This is especially so if you do not know how to use the tools or haven’t had enough experience in the procedure with the tool.

Just for an example you will have to know what grit of sanding paper you will need to sand the deck with. You will also have to know what type of sanding machine you will need for this job whether it be  belt sander or a flat pad sander.

Also if you have to do any deck repairs you will have to have some basic carpentry knowledge on executing different things such as tightening up railings or replacing deck boards.

Staining a deck

you will need to remove all of the old exterior painting so that the new stain finish can properly adhere to the wood. This can be quite a time consuming process because a painting contractor will need to inspect for any previous signs of water or sun damage, strip the old exterior painting assuming that your deck was previously painted rather stained with a paint stripper, deep clean the wood with a low power washer sprayer and sand down any raised wood fibers before even thinking about staining a deck. The surface preparation consists of about 80% of the project time-most of which is spent stripping the exterior painting. However, once the surface preparation steps have been completed, the painting contractor will move onto staining the deck, which is actually the fun part of the project!When selecting a wood stain finish, choose a semi-transparent oil-based stain that is water repellent. This kind of stain finish may be more on the pricey side, but it will definitely pay off in the end! As soon as you have made your color selection, a painting contractor will apply the stain with a natural bristle brush. The actual staining should only take a couple of hours to complete. Let the stain coat dry for about one to two days, depending on humidity, before walking on the deck. You will be amazed at how removing the exterior painting and staining of the wood will transform the look of your deck. Now you can enjoy your beautifully stained deck for years to come!

via Local Painting Services News – CertaPro Painters of Buffalo and Niagara Falls.

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