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Deck building and repairs
Deck building and repairs

Deck building and Deck repairs

is our summer offering. Lots of households neglect their wood decks in their backyards until it needs some serious repairs. If the decks are kept clean and free of leaves and rotting vegetation and our power washed and stains on a regular basis they last longer. But since this doesn’t happen many times we are invited out to estimate deck repairs and rebuilding.
Wood decks don’t go bad all of a sudden they start deteriorating board by board here and there which can be removed and replaced on a per piece basis. Some decks have loosened wood railings that can be rebuilt or tightened up depending on the situation. Wooden steps can be replaced with new solid wood steps that are safe to stand on and walk on without worrying about wobbling and safety.
Lots of backyards have broken or fallen down or not closing properly fence gates. Some occasions these fence gates have to be removed and replaced with a new one and sometimes they can be just simply fixed up replacing some broken boards, aligned and put back. Sometimes the homeowner builds fences and gates on their own not knowing the proper architecture behind it to give it longevity and security. Toronto Painters would go out and make sure that all the wood components of a wood structure such as a deck or fence is adequately secured and stable. Sometimes
these are easy fixes with proper tools that the homeowner might not have. We are completely equipped with the most modern up-to-date specialized woodworking tools.

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