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Custom Furniture

English: Photography of particle board with ve...
Particleboard veneered to look like oak trim

Custom Carpentry

Recently  Toronto Painters was contacted from someone who was looking for Carpenters in Toronto to make them a wood bench for their hallway in the entrance of their home.

Looking for the right furniture.

This homeowner was looking for some quality furniture. had gone to many different stores looking for exactly the type of furniture that you wanted and found something at IKEA. But the problem was that the quality of the workmanship and materials they used to build this furniture wasn’t quite up to her standards.

Furniture quality and workmanship.

IKEA furniture looks very nice in most cases it’s good enough what it is not high-end quality custom-made furniture. Most if not all of the furniture bought from most furniture stores these days is made from particleboard or MDF. Even the trim work trimming all the furniture is made from low-cost artificial wood. These products are manufactured on assembly lines where there put together on a permanent type basis. They never think about if something had to be repaired how would the repair person be able to fix the cracked wood or split wood or even if a joint is starting to open up. These furniture assemblies are made with staples and glue. These are sturdy permanent assemblies not allowing for any type of easy repairs.

Materials used in the furniture.

The wood/ lumber products that they make look very attractive and modern. But the quality is only skin deep and heaven forbid if something should happen such as a break on the end of a piece of wood or screw working itself loose and stripping the wood molding or wood trim.

 Reasons for custom-built furniture.

Another reason for purchasing custom made furniture is that you might not be able to fit a mass-produced store-bought piece of furniture into a certain space available in your room or hallway or closet. Also for example if you wanted to match the trim work on the cabinets that you’re having custom-built you can use the profile of your existing trim work in your home on this cabinet to make it look like a part of the home.

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