Construct a Raised Planting Bed

Homes with limited space that possibly do not have enough space for a regular garden might consider building this

raised bed garden

. This type of garden can be placed over just about anything such as the end of the driveway or a spot on your lawn. It is small enough that it can be hand tilled and maintained yet remarkably is large enough to go substantial amount of vegetables. Of course this all depends on how large you do make the raised wood planter.

Method 3 of 4: Building the Raised Bed Place posts. Use 4x4s cut to twice the height of the intended raised bed. Dig holes and place the bottom half of the 4×4 into the ground, anchoring the post.

first step in building a raised garden

Cover and ensure that the posts are level and in the correct place.
2-Attach long-side boards. Cut your intended siding to the length of the long side between posts, including the width of the post itself. Use nails or screws of an appropriate length and drive two at the end of each board into the posts. Place boards until the sides are the intended height of the bed. Cut boards to be narrower for the last piece, if necessary.
“I would prefer to use screws as opposed to nails because if you ever intend on dismantling this planter box and it will be much easier. These boards should be made out of Cedar or hardwood that has not been treated with chemicals for obvious reasons because when the woods gets wet it will seep the chemicals into the earth that eventually will feed the plants and get into your system after you eat them. The ?Lengths of the boards to be on the safe side should be less than 2 feet long to ensure that they don’t bow and bend and twist. The longer the length of the board the more pressure there is on the sidewalk so you might consider putting in cross braces between two parallel boards to make sure that the boards don’t?bow out this also will make a nice divider for different parts of your garden.” law will will you
3-Attach short-side boards. Measure and cut the short-side boards to the distance between the outer edge of the two long-side boards. Again, use two nails at the ends of each board, driven into the posts.
4-Create a lip, if desired. You can create a more attractive raised bed by adding a lip to the upper edge. First, cut and miter a picture-frame style lip from boards of the desired width for the lip. Acquire lumber posts which are half the width of the lip and use appropriate nails to attach these to the outer side, at the top of the bed. Fit the mitered lip together and nail those pieces at the inside corners from the top, down into the post and the brace beam underneath.5Cut a piece of gardening plastic or weed mat to fit the footprint of your raised bed.

place this down first when do you think your ETA is?

By putting a barrier down, you will significantly reduce the weeds that will grow in your bed. Seven or eight layers of dampened newspaper will also keep the weeds from growing, as well as cardboard from appliance boxes be sure to remove any tape on the cardboard.

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