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Toronto Condo Painting Company :The Best Way to Increase the Value of a Condo Tip

The Best Way to

Increase Condo Value 

Whether you live in a traditional detached house or a condominium unit, increasing the value of your home is paramount in planning for a future resale or for refinancing a mortgage. Since physical limits and homeowners association bylaws restrict the sort of improvements that can be made to a condo — no room additions or in-ground swimming pools, for instance — condo values must be improved from the inside.

And this generally is done by making sure that you keep your condo in top shape if you regularly maintain

Condo painting

on everything including the walls ceilings and trim it will be less expensive in the long run. One relatively simple example of saving money on maintenance and repainting is by staying on top and not allowing any damages or defects to expand and get bigger. If you catch something at the very beginning it might be a very small compared job taking little time or money but if you procrastinate and don’t do any repairs this situation could get larger and harder to fix which costs more money.

We were doing a job in a

Toronto condo

recently where the owner wasn’t paying attention to the caulking around the wall and the shower stall. If you order would have paid attention and thought about some maintenance on cleaning and caulking around these areas there wouldn’t have been such a large part to plaster and repair.

Caulking between adjoining surfaces is paramount especially in damp and humid places such as washrooms and kitchens. When there is a buildup of water on a horizontal surface adjacent to a vertical surface which is made out of drywall it is smart to make sure that none of the moisture seeps into and between the horizontal surface and the vertical surface.

Bathtub caulking is one of the main culprits. Every once in a while the caulking loses its integrity and allows moisture and water to get in behind and through to the drywall. When we do our wall painting and it is evident that there was possibility that the caulking would fail we would remove it. After removing the caulking we clean up the area making sure that the new caulking will stick. Cleaning up after the old caulking sometimes takes various approaches in removing it. When silicone caulking has been placed it has to be caught out with a very sharp knife such as an olfa knife which is a very sharp utility knife. After the bulk of the caulking has been removed and there is some remnants of silicone stuck to the two different surfaces it is recommended that with the finger to roll back and forth on top of the remaining silicone to form a ball which you can remove.

Applying the new caulking requires a little bit of practice making sure that you are able to put down the caulking smoothly and evenly throughout the run. This takes a little practice but is necessary to make sure that the finished product looks good and even.

Condo Painting  Window
Condo Painting  Window

Painting around Windows and window openings is another place that requires more attention. Probably one of the dirtiest and at least attended to areas is the window area. Here the hot and cold meet creating a lot of dew on the window causing problems around the window framing and drywall return. This area has to be properly primed and painted to protect against paint failure. It doesn’t hurt to everyone so while properly clean the area/edges around the window to keep it from building up dirt and mildew.

When it’s time to do your condo staging to sell your condo support to keep the small ideas in mind because whoever is looking at your condo will see immediately and keep in their mind the bad things over the good things. So the small stuff such as paint peeling or buildup of dirt and mildew is important to keep controlled. 

Realistic Remodeling

The OwnACondo website warns, “Keep in mind that not all home improvements will greatly increase the resale value of your condo, since some upgrades add luxury without increasing worth.” According to the Remodeling Cost vs. Value 2013 Report, a midrange bathroom remodel project cost $15,782 and recovered $10,295, or 65.2 percent, in resale value. The project updated a small bathroom, replacing the tub and surround, toilet, vanity and sink, tile floor and wallpaper. A minor kitchen remodel that replaced cabinet fronts and countertops, installed a new sink and faucet and a new cooktop and wall oven, and added a new wall covering and flooring, cost $18,527 and recovered $13,977, or 75.4 percent.

Condo painting sometimes is the most cost-effective way of bringing your condo to market. A nice new bright clean paint job might be all you need to bring your condo back to life. And as you can see from the sample above spending all these big bucks sometimes doesn’t work. Especially if you are not successful in selling your condo but it is good if you want to keep your condo and live in it.



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