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Condo Painting Mississauga and Toronto

Condo painting Toronto & Mississauga
Condo painting wall around door frame

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Toronto painters  leans back on 30+ years of home painting experience with this much experience in the painting business to pick up some techniques and principles on how to effectively paint condos and apartments in a quick and orderly fashion with the least amount of disruption.

Empty condo versus occupied condo

this can affect the way the order the work is done in because if the condo is empty it is easier to cover the entire condo in one swoop and not worry about placement of furnishings and their safety. The job can be done in a more bulk fashion where as if the condo had furniture in it then things would have to be moved around and sorted which of course takes time.

We have a system where after knowing the details of the job to be done we immediately commence the first of all protecting all home contents such as furniture and carpets and floors. Once the furniture has been wrapped and covered and the floors have been covered with drop sheets and plastic the wall repairs can be started.

While the plaster is drying in the wall repairs a painter can start painting the edges around the walls and ceilings, doorframes and Windows. Usually by the time all the wall trim painting has been done the plaster repairs on the nail holes and cracks will have dried.

could never be easier by Toronto Condo Painters.

If you have bought a condo or just want to repaint your existing condo and wish to have it painted by our qualified condo painters who do this on a daily bases “Quick Tidy and Effective” condo paintings.

Condo Painting

Most condo painting can be performed in one day of course depending on the size and condition of the condo. Many of our customers want only to do wall painting to give it a change in looks.

Other condo painting customers prefer to have the entire condo painted which would include all the walls and doors and baseboards.

Some condos also have to have their stucco ceilings painted or even have their stucco ceilings removed and then painted flat. And of course this takes more time.

When hiring painters for condos choose the best condo painting company in Toronto.

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Call Vic at 416-568-3547 for a condo painting estimate. We serve the GTA, Toronto and Mississauga and Richmond Hill.

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