Condo Painting


Condo Painting is quite steady business in Toronto and Mississauga there are thousands of condos in the GTA.

Hundreds of people each month buy and sell condos also hundreds of people move in and out of apartments. All of these places may or may not be in need of painting.

New Condo

A new condo purchaser may not like the colors that the condo is currently decorated in, and a general rule of thumb is to have it painted before the new condo owner moves. Likewise the same processes done in apartment painting. Lots of times they will be scuffed marks and minor damages to the paint surface of the condo and it will be the nail holes from hung pictures and other things such as shelving that might’ve been installed on walls. Sometimes a previous owner might have even wallpapered wall that you are put up some wallpaper borders which might not go with your decorating plan.

Just by painting the condo it will freshen it up and give it that new fresh  feel, especially when you take your favorite colors to decorate with.

Another reason why you would want to paint the condo is for resale purposes (home staging) again to give it a nice fresh bright look.


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