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One of the first things that you must do before you move in into a pre-owned condo is to give it a fresh coat of paint. The new paint will make your condo look like new and ensure that it will match the colors of your furniture. If you have the painting know-how, you can buy some paint and repaint the condo yourself. However, it is best to hire professional condo painters to do this job for you. Read this short guide to learn how to hire a good condo painter for your unit.

Determine the Areas to be Painted
Before you call a condo painting service, you must first determine the areas or rooms that you want to be painted. This way, when you call, the condo painting service, they will be able to give you an estimate of the total costs for the paint job.

Decide the Paints and Colors that you Want to Use
Next, you?ll need to decide on the paints and colors that you want to use. If you can?t think of a good color, get a paint chart for major brands of paint at paint stores or general home centers. You can also ask the condo painters for suggestions on the best colors for your condo.

Contact Several Condo Painting Companies
It is best to contact several condo painting companies so that you can compare their rates. Ask your condo neighbors, friends, designers, and builders for recommendations. If you are having difficulty finding the right painting service, go to an internet search engine such as Google and type ?condo painting service in [enter your city here]?. If the condo painting company has a website, read their customer reviews and testimonials to find out if their past customers are satisfied and happy with their paint jobs.

Have Your Condo Inspected
Once you have found some good condo painters, give them a call and invite them to your condo to have it inspected. Have them quote a price for your condo?s paint job. The total cost will depend on the number of coats, number of areas or rooms to be painted, and the brand of paint that will be used.

Choose a Condo Painting Service?or condo painters in Mississauga
Select a condo painting service based on their track record, price, and your impressions. You should also execute a contract that specifies the total cost, work to be done, start date, estimated completion date, and payment schedule. The contract should also include the colors, paint brands, and number of coats to be used for every area that will be repainted. You should also make sure that the contract specifies that your chosen condo painter is responsible for the cleanup and removal of unnecessary paint on all surfaces (e.g. floors, windows).

Remove your Furniture
If your furniture and other belongings are already inside the condo, remove them before the condo painter is scheduled to start. You can also pile together your furniture and belongings in the middle of the room and then cover them with drop cloths to protect them from wet paint.

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