What paint will make my commercial walls shine?

Painting tips: ?when people ask Vaughan?painters about what paint would make their condo look good I first lead them to one of the most common painting tips.

Shine levels have to be considered for a couple different reasons before painting. You have to choose your shine level to coincide with the rooms use and what overall effect you want the room to have.?So first things first you have to get to know the difference shine levels of paint.??Flat paint like the word indicates has the least amount of shine and a good quality flat paint actually doesn’t shine almost any light back giving it the dullest shine level. This is also an effective way to hide wall blemishes and imperfections such as waviness marks such as scratches or bad plastering.?Eggshell paint which has a slight bit of shine (occasionally referred to as ?satin?).

Vaughan commercial painters – shine levels

This paint easier to clean and to keep clean.?Semigloss is the most common shiny paint and is used in kitchens and bathrooms and all the doors and trim in a house. It is more easily washable durable than eggshell paint or flat paint.?Gloss paint is the shiniest paint reflecting the most amount of light it also shows the most imperfections in anything. If you are trim work or your walls aren’t absolutely perfect gloss paint will amplify the problem so make sure whatever you paint with gloss paint is absolutely blemish free.

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