Commercial painters help you chose the right colors

Richmond Hill?condo painters color recommendations for your new condo in Richmond Hill. If you take possession of your new condo it will most probably be painted all white. This is a good base for painting any light colors. For example if your painting yellow this is obviously the best base color to paint over.

The biggest problematic color to paint with is generally colors that are in the red family. Painters always prime a shade of gray to help aid the coverage of the red paint. If you have a light shade of red or pink then use a very light shade of gray primer.

Richmond Hill commercial painters

Having to prime gray is an extra step in the painting process. It is the same as painting and additional coat of paint in the room.

If you’re choosing colors it is best to stay away from such colors as Rose and pinks, yellows. These colors have very unique hiding capabilities.

Very nice colors to work with anything in the brown color range and in the blue color range and the green color range. These are very strong hiding colors that don’t need a lot of work with to make them cover properly.

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