Color Tips for Condo Painting

Color Tips for Condo Painting



Most people who are buying their own home for the first time usually purchase a condo unit in the city. Living in a condo is more convenient because it is near the all the necessities for city living. However, if you are moving into a pre-owned condo unit, the paint color of the condo may not match your furniture and other personal belongings. You can bring your personal style into your new condo by having it repainted. Follow these tips for condo painting to get the best paint colors for your new home.


Use Lighter Colors for Small Spaces

Most of the condo units in cities tend to be small because they are situated in a high-rise or multi-level building. For small rooms and spaces, it is best to use lighter colors to create an illusion of space. Lighter colors help reflect the natural light coming in from the windows. This tricks your eyes into seeing a bigger space. Try something cool or warm in the paint color chart. If your condo has a living room space and/or an open kitchen, a grayish blue or cool gray condo painting will compliment your stainless steel appliances nicely.


Use Darker Colors for Light-Colored Furniture

If you live in a big condo and you don?t need to reflect the light, then use bold and darker paint colors for your condo unit. Deep, rich colors can be a great backdrop to light-colored or neutral furnishings. If you are not sure about using dark or bold colors for your condo, try painting one room with a dark color and then live with it for a week. If you feel that you don?t like it, you can easily repaint it the next weekend.


Study Painting Techniques

If you plan to paint your condo unit yourself, you might want to consider studying about condo painting techniques to get the best results. There are painting techniques that help hide flaws such as cracks on walls and uneven drywall. The natural light from the outside might unintentionally highlight these flaws, so you will need to choose the right colors and use proper painting techniques to hide those flaws. If you don?t have any painting know-how, you should just hire a professional painter to paint your condo unit for you.


Follow the 60-30-10 Color Rule

Many home designers follow the 60-30-10 Color Rule when choosing the paint color of a home?s interior. You can also use this rule in condo painting. The 60-30-10 Color Rule means that the interior paint color should comprise 60% of the total color of the condo unit. The remaining 30% of the colors should come from the furnishings, and the final 10% from artwork and accent pieces. Follow this rule of thumb when choosing a paint color for your condo unit. The hues should complement and match, not clash with, the colors of your furnishings and other decorations.

Ask Professionals for Advice

If you can?t think of a good color for your condo unit, try asking professional painters for advice. Many condo painting companies perform a site inspection for free, so you can invite them to your condo and ask for recommendations. You can then paint your condo unit yourself or hire them to paint for you.

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