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Drywall & Stucco Ceiling

Drywall Repair and How to Fix Drywall

 Drywall Repair/How to Fix Drywall   Drywall repair and how to fix drywall is the same as just ordinary drywall wall repair except it is unfortunately above your head a little more difficult to work with. The same rules apply to ceiling repairs as to drywall wall repairs. When you’re preparing a ceiling and you going […]

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Drywall Stucco Ceiling Repair Spray Popcorn and Removal

Stucco ceiling In most cases are installed onto drywall. On subdivision homes that have popcorn spray ceilings the drywall has only two coats of plaster on them. If there is no finish coat of paint applied it takes much more money and effort to finish the drywall off to paint ready finish (smooth even drywall plaster). […]

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Stucco Ceiling Repairs and Stucco Spray

Toronto Stucco Ceiling Repair Experts. Crown Moulding Repair and Install. Are you finding that your stucco ceilings are looking a little tired or you have had water damage…? We can help! ( Stucco Toronto) can help We can repair damaged ceilings with our stucco sprayer to make your ceiling look good as new! We can […]

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