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 Condo and Apartment  Interior Painting
Condominiums comprise a huge portion of residential dwellings in the Greater Toronto Area, particularly in the boroughs of Mississauga and Richmond Hill. Every day, there are a lot more condo buildings being built. This is why condo painting and apartment painting are huge businesses in the Toronto, Ontario area. Every condo and apartment building has hundreds of residential units. This would be impossible for one painting contractor to work on; thus, one can assume that there are many condo painters that cater to the needs of the condo owner.


 Detached Residential Homes Versus Apartment and Condo Painting
Apartment and condo  interior painting are almost the same as painting single detached residential dwellings. However, there are certain procedures and rules a condo paint contractor has to follow in each apartment complex. Regulations like specific working hours, parking rules, minimizing of noise disruptions, specific load guidelines, and coordination with service elevators vary from one establishment to another.
Condo painting contractors are normally respectful of every condo complex’s rules to make sure that the job is done right, with minimal disruption, and in good time. Aside from the interior of apartments and condominiums, these condo painters can also paint condos’ exterior areas.


 Why Hire a Condo Painting Contractor For your interior painting?

 professional interior painting
Professional inside painting

Why must one avail of condo painting services? A good paint job can give an instant makeover to the place. A paint job can make ceilings look higher and small rooms a lot bigger. Light and bright colours can attract natural light and make windowed rooms even look more airy and larger. While neutral colours like beige and light grey can improve the place, homeowners have a lot of choices as the list of paint colours is endless.
Availing of condo painting means low cost to the occupant and low risk for the landlord. Painted condo walls are also low-maintenance as the walls are easier to wipe down after scuffs and spills (This is not to say there is no paint on the walls but the quality of the paint that is on the walls is probably so cheap it will wash off). A good paint job can also help reduce dust and dirt in the rooms. This greatly improves the air quality in the condo for healthier air for the occupants of the condo.
Moreover, a fresh condo paint raises the unit’s property value (obviously if you own it). A fresh condo painting job is one of the easiest, cheapest, and fastest ways to make the condo ready for selling. Bright and fresh colors can be inviting and can raise its aesthetic appeal. The colors can also make the condo look cleaner, newer, and generally worth the money. There is also no problem hiring the right condo painter as there are many Toronto  painters.

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Condo Painters Toronto & Mississauga Ontario

Hiring Condo Painters in the Toronto Area

 condo painters
Condo painters painting walls.

The help of apartment painters is very important in improving the appearance of condominiums in the Greater Toronto Area, especially the boroughs of Richmond Hill and Mississauga. Most condos do not come in vibrant color themes. The condo’s interior colors come mostly in neutral shades as the developers do not normally design condos to suit individual preferences. The condos were built to provide the most basic spaces like the living room, dining room, kitchen, bathroom, and bedrooms.

While a lot of condo unit buyers would be satisfied with the conditions of their home during the time of their acquisition, there are also a lot of condo owners who want to improve the looks of their condo units. This is where the services of condo painters apartment painters come in. A lot of these painters around the Toronto, Ontario area provide efficient and fast service for both small and large condominiums, multiple dwelling edifices, and apartment complexes.

A good coat of paint is an excellent way to improve the look of one’s condo and it can make any condo or apartment looking new again. A fresh coat of paint can also improve the aesthetic appeal of the place.  This does not only satisfy the condo owner’s desired look but could also work well in case the condo owner wants to rent out or sell his place.

A lot of apartment painters apartment painters offer exterior and interior painting services for various spaces.  These skilled professionals can handle painting needs for various home surfaces.  Most of these painters also offer ‘green’ and ‘eco-friendly’ painting solutions. Some condo painting services include condominium painting, apartment painting, painting consultations, interior painting, exterior painting, drywall preparation, complex painting, painting ideas, faux painting, and eco-friendly painting among other services.

An enjoyable thing about the painting process is the selection of paint color. Moreover, the paint must also match the color and material of the floor. Furniture color must also be put into consideration. One has to imagine and picture the room first before deciding on the color of the paint.

While the condo painters can help the homeowner decide on the right paint color, it is entirely up to the owner what paint color to use. The painters would always suggest light neutral colors in lieu of darker colors, which tend to make space look smaller. Whatever the case, it is advisable to hear out the advice of these painters as their information can be very useful.


Hardwood floor refinishing in Toronto

 Hardwood Floor
Just Finishing up Hardwood Floor

just completed at Don Mills and Eglinton in Toronto some oak hardwood floor refinishing this condo was a one bedroom plus den and two bathrooms the master bedroom and bathroom had carpet and ceramic floors. The kitchen area had ceramic floor so the remainder was a living dining area and a den that had medium walnut hardwood floor stain.

Fortunately the condo was empty the new homeowner just purchased it and was ready to do some upgrades and painting and of course the refinishing of the floor. Since this floor was in fairly good condition all the owner wanted to do was to freshen it up. Freshening up is not the same as redoing a hardwood floor. First of all the floor has to be screened (lightly sanded/buffed) what this does it removes the shine which prevents the top coat of urethane to adhere to the floor. Whenever re-coating an existing hardwood floor it is always wise to make sure that it is free of wax and oils. And for this reason we always use a varsol or degreaser to make sure that the floor is ready for urethane. You start by cleaning the floor down with a wet rag dampened with varsol enough to wet the floor and dissolve the grease or wax and then afterwards dry then afterwards wipe it the dry.

Now you’re ready to screen/sand the floor. We generally use about a 150 grit or 180 grit sand paper or screen mesh with a floor buffer. Start the buffer and immediately start moving it to make sure that you are not idle in one spot for too long otherwise you will end up sanding into the stain which will always lay ruined the job. Floor buffer is a tricky apparatus. It does a beautiful job but you have to have some experience in operating it because it could end up doing damage.

Go over the floor slowly lengthwise with the boards at a slow even pace and watch how well and what the screening action does. If it doesn’t look like it’s doing it off slow down if is doing too much speed up are you looking for is a dull surface finish on the wood. Is this dull finish that you’re aiming for so that the finish coat will stick to this.

Now it is time to clean all the sanding off the floor. We usually use a good quality commercial vacuum cleaner with a good brush head that will be able to brush out and suck up all the dust off the floor planks and in between the groups getting everything nice and dust free.

It is optional if you want to tack cloth the floor with a damp with a little varsol or paint thinner to attract the dust. You will have to occasionally turn the red around to collect more dust.

Apply three or four coats at the right drying intervals to get that full rich look. Read the manufacturer’s directions they may very. The more coats of urethane you apply, the deeper and better the floor will look.

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House Painting, Condo Painting, Custom Painting

Tips on Painting

Tips on Painting

Painter Rolling paint on wall above window
Tips on Painting,use an extension pole for high areas.


Most probably you are not a professional toronto painter reading this article, you are a homeowner that is looking into possibly painting a room or your entire house. You might be doing some interior painting or you’re looking for Exterior Painting.

Tips Painting

will cover such things as, types and brands of paints, painting processes, painting tools and every day small helpful hints learned through experience in house painting.


Like the saying goes “You Only Get What You Pay for” this applies to interior latex paints for homes, exterior latex paints for residential use and even specialty commercial painting paint.


Residential paints comes in all grades from the lowest and cheapest paint (when you do a quick and dirty paint job) to a top line high quality premium latex paint.

When you are the one that is painting and you’re given the two different types of paint and asked to paint the section of wall with both paints and compare you will notice quite a difference.

First you will start using the start using the cheap low-priced paint, you will find this paint first of all not to apply very smoothly and evenly. The paint will slightly drag as you pull the brush along the wall. You might even notice that when you go past a spot with your brush that you didn’t completely cover the spot you passed over. You might have to go back over again with your paintbrush one more time to make sure the paint brush cutting was covering the wall properly. If you’re trying to do a very fine crisp and even, straight-line you might even notice that your paint sort of rolls up in a ball in front of your brush causing blotchy painting as you pass your brush at the wall and ceiling.

Moving on to using the paint roller, you might notice a few different things when you’re using an inexpensive cheap latex paint. Some low line cheap inexpensive latex paints might be to too thin texture or on the other hand might be to thick and hard to paint roll with. Sometimes the paint does go on properly but after it has dried you can see right through the paint and you will need additional coats of paint to make a good job of the painting.

So as you can see when you’re using a cheap low quality economical latex paint you will have to paint more times than needed and possibly still not get the look you’re looking for.


High quality premium latex paints such as Benjamin Moore Or Sherwin Williams are the main choices of latex paints by professional painting contractor in toronto. Toronto painters always recommend using Benjamin Moore paints for two reasons: they have a lot of top line paint stores throughout the GTA (Toronto, Mississauga, Brampton, Richmond Hill, Scarborough). Sherwin-Williams doesn’t have as many stores and are harder to find a location nearest the paint job. Both of these paint manufacturers have almost the same pricing on their paints. They both make high quality paint products.


Now, will compare the top line latex paint on a wall. You will see as soon as you dip your paintbrush into the paint can, the paint will look more like ink as compared to paste. When you start using your brush cutting along the wall at the ceiling you’ll notice that as the brush moves along it leaves a fine thin crisp line. You will also notice that wherever your paintbrush passed over the wall was painted evenly and properly not make you go over it again to make sure that it covers. Likewise when you’re using the paint roller you’ll also notice that the top line paints roll over smoother and quicker just like if your roller had ball bearings in it. You will also notice that wherever the paint roller had rolled over the wall had changed color properly without seeing through the paint.


As you can see the advantages of using top line paint as opposed to bottom-line paint, there is more work involved in trying to make the cheaper paint look good.

Another advantage of using the top line paint is that it is fade resistant, and in most cases is also washable.

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Bedroom Painted

Bedroom Painting: Why painting matters

Bedroom painting

There is nothing like walking into a freshly painted bedroom. It gives you the same feeling as if you’re walking into a very nice hotel room. You look around with excitement and feeling of being in a different place.

Something as simple as a freshly painted bedroom which you might have been looking at for years and years and thinking about changing something to make it look different.

For example I just repainted our bedroom after my wife had complained that she needed to change in her life. Believe it or not that made her feel better overall because it gave her a sense of something new in her life. It was the same old bedroom but with a new paint job. The colors that were on our walls in our bedroom were sort of a rosy color slightly on the darker side with a billiard green paisley border. This was nice at the time but it’s dated.

Going from a mid tone wall to a brighter off-white and in this case the wall was a mixture of yellow and gray but very light so it seemed like a faded cement type color. This type of color reflects light very well and gives the living space a more open look and feel while contrasting to the white trim work such as the window frame and the doorframe. The trim work should be a super white to make a good enough contrast to make it pop.

The room before when you turn the light on at nighttime obviously lit the room but with the new paint job it really illuminated the room almost like we put a more powerful lightbulb in there.

Next there will be a crown molding installed which I will do when I feel like it. This will give the room some more interior decoration. Something like hanging more pictures but there is not that much empty space on the walls to be able to place pictures without making the wall looking crowded. But adding the crown molding is a subtle enhancement to the looks of the room. This is will be on my next project fixing up the bedroom.

A typical building in Havana, Cuba, is beautiful but in need of paint. It may seem insignificant, but paint does more to brighten our hearts than any other single building feature.Painting is about empowering spaces and structures so they make us feel good, says home improvement expert Steve Maxwell.

Source: House Works: Why painting matters

What Comes First: Wall Painting or Floor Refinishing?

What Comes First: Wall Painting or Floor Refinishing?

Interior painting

This is a question asked many times over. The customer will call us for interior painting and specifically asks a question about who should be doing their work first the flooring guy or the painter.

If this was my job and I needed a painter and a flooring guy to work in my house I would pick the flooring guy first for a few different reasons.

1 – if any baseboards are being replaced they will need caulking and finishing and this can be done while the painter’s painting the room. A painter will do a better job at finishing baseboards then a flooring guy went since the flooring guy is the floor business and the painter is of the painting business. Obviously I would trust a painter to do a better job on the baseboard.

2 – if possibly there any damages from the flooring installation on the walls they could be repaired while the painting is being performed on the walls.

3 – when hardwood flooring is being cut and installed in the room there will be a buildup of sawdust and a regular dust developing all over the walls and if the walls were already painted that it’s possible that the dust cleaning might mark the walls. Not to say though that not every job after hardwood installation are the walls painted so the hardwood installer must be careful about the walls likewise the same story goes for the painter if the hardwood is not being replaced then the painter has to make sure that no paint gets on the floors. But in either case both trades have to respect the others work.

When we go out and paints a room with hardwood flooring or carpets or even ceramic floor, the floors get completely covered from edge to edge making sure that they don’t have to get down on their knees to clean the floor. It is a lot easier to cover up it for 10 minutes then to clean up for 10 hours.

Even if the home has an existing hardwood floor and we know it will be replaced just by sheer habit we still cover the hardwood floors. The reason we cover the hardwood floors not only for the aspect of keeping floor clean but also that if we sprinkle small specks of paint on the floor then walk on it and then walk out in the hallway we will end up putting paint marks throughout the house all over the floors.

It’s obvious from our experience that other painters would say that the flooring should go last because they’re too lazy to worry about the floors.

As professional Toronto painters we are not worried about were the floor is new or old it gets covered.

via What Comes First: Wall Painting or Floor Refinishing? | Your Toughest Paint Questions Answered | This Old House.

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Condo painting

Toronto condo painters tips

Toronto Painters

your best valued toronto condo painters

we received a lot of requests for painting condos here in Toronto and Mississauga. A lot of these request for painting are for basically two different reasons.


Home staging


This is when the owner is trying to sell the condo and has to make it look good to show to the prospective homebuyer. When a condo has been lived in for years a few things happen to  the walls and trim.

· Scuff marks start occurring (this is a very untidy look)

· discoloration and yellowing of the original paint color

· walls and trim and get dirty

· walls develop cracks

· nail holes from pictures in walls

· trim work and baseboard separating from walls need caulking and filling

To show the condo in its best possible light it is best to paint the entire condo a “cloud white” color called CC 40 from Benjamin Moore paints. This will allow the room to have some color yet be so neutral that it does not offend anyone’s taste and allows a new home prospective buyer to imagine what color they want to paint it

Also by painting everything including trim and doors with the same type of paint, this detracts from any irregularities and blemishes. Furthermore it allows the room to look larger and brighter and newer and fresher.


Condo painting

toronto condo painters paint prep
toronto condo painters paint prep covering up


By the homeowner to repaint the rooms to give the condo a different feel and newer look. Usually, does come in a basic light from the builder. After a while and the new owner settles in they will want to repeat the condo their own colors. Most condos will have to have two coats of paint applied and sometimes three because the original paint that was applied by the painting contractor was not a very good paint for sealing the w

Painting and redecorating the condo can be done  In stages especially at the condo is full of furniture not allowing the entire condo to be painted at the same time. The condo painting contractor will paint one or two rooms at a time, moving the furniture to the adjacent rooms while painting.

Feature walls

can be done to highlight areas of interest and can definitely create good contrast and interest to a room. This means then that the basic color could be white with some feature walls as accents creating a nice open feel (white makes a space look larger) yet give the room some interesting character.


Interesting word of warning for some condos:

My neighbour just informed me that if I want to paint or wallpaper the inside of my condo I have to inform the condo board in writing.

via Condo Culture: Can my building forbid me from painting my unit? | National Post.

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How Important is Light in the Living Room?

Proper lighting is essential for any home. It is important to maintain balance between personality and the functionality of the room when it comes to lighting the living room. One can transform the entire atmosphere of their living room within the proper use of lighting. One should remember that lighting not only has aesthetic and mood enhancing values, but play an important functional role in illuminating important task areas in the living room.

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