Gap in window, trim on windows installation toronto not fitting tight

windows installation toronto

Do you have a gap in a window trim installation  ? We do windows installation toronto and misssissauga trim carpentry after the window insaller is finished putting them in.

Recently we worked on window installation retrofits with new energy-saving windows.

The window installation toronto  was an experienced mainly in just installing the bare window from the outside from what we could see. The homeowner asked them if they could finish off the inside of the windows with window trim/casing. All walls

The interesting thing here is that not all walls are exactly the same thickness. The wall thickness determines the jam thickness. You cannot put a for example 8 inch window jam into a 7 1/2 inch wall thickness without putting the window casing proud of the interior wall leaving a gap between the casing and the wall. This is what happened in this case.

The overall width of the jam should not have exceeded the width of the wall thickness from outside to the inside wall there should be enough adjustment in the window jam to be able to slide the gem in far enough into the wall/window to clear the inside wall.

When the jam is too wide then it should be trimmed to the correct width to match the width needed to allow the window casing to be flush to the wall.

But since the windows installation toronto  was already complete then Toronto painters have the task of making the whole thing good. In some places the gap between the window casing and the wall 3/8 of an inch opening and this is quite a substantial gap looking very bad. In cases like this caulking would not do. It would not look even flat or straight possibly even fallout. This situation had to have insert installed between the wall and the casing. We had to fabricate each and every individual side of the window with a special wedge taper cut to accommodate varying thicknesses. This truly is a finish carpentry job. Once the wedges are cut, some glue is applied to the side that attaches to the window casing and slid into place behind and flush to the window casing then a few Brad nails are shot in secure the wedge.

Now that the wedge is in place and there is no gap between the wall and the casing only a small bit of caulking can be applied to totally finish off the joint.

Painter’s caulk is one solution to the problem of a poor fit between the wall and the wood, but it’s not the only recourse you have. In fact, your caulking gun should be your last weapon — not the first.

Looking for real Windows installation Toronto trim work carpentry reader reviews and give us a call.

Source: Fixing the Fit – Woodworking Tips & Techniques – Carpentry, Woodworking, Finish & Trim. DIY Advice

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home makeover with Interior carpentry upgrades

Doing A Home Makeover With Interior Carpenters

 Home Makeover,Interior Carpenters Installing New Handrail
Home Makeover Installing New Handrails

hiring considerations, things you should think about before hiring.If you are planning your house makeover project, you would definitely want to hire a   interior carpenter who is perfectly fit for the job to achieve the results you expect. But before hiring someone, take time to consider these important tips:

Identify the right type of Handyman Carpenter

Know the type of carpenter best suited for the carpentry job  you’ll need as there are various types of carpentry services such as rough carpentry, trim carpentry, finish carpentry as well as joiners and form builders. Generally, a skilled carpenter can do most types of types of carpentry work, but it is always best to assign them in their areas of expertise.

Ask home makeover jobs done for friends and relatives

You may discover some good interior carpentry done for your relatives’ or friend’s house, so go ahead and ask for some contact numbers of the carpenters they how to do the job. This would be a good enough reason for you to hire the  interior carpenter they recommend.

Ask for the opinion from a general contractor

When you’re looking for someone who can do precision and high-level custom cabinetry or finish carpentry, you may seek the expert opinion of a general contractor or any reputable craftsman you know. They have the experience of working with carpenters who can deliver the results you require. Ask for contact numbers or better yet, they may even arrange for you to meet some of them.

Take advantage of the internet

Many good carpenters and carpentry service companies now advertise themselves on the internet. Check out some of their websites and pay close attention to their portfolios and line of expertise. Also look for online reviews of their previous work Positive reviews from former clients are a good indication of good craftsmanship and work ethic.

Communication is key

This is a very important criterion when you search for a suitable woodworker. Make sure that you get along well with your prospective woodworkers before hiring them to ensure a best result possible for the project at hand. Hire someone who is a good listener, a good communicator and can appreciate your suggestions without making unnecessary arguments.

Over-all cost and contract

Before hiring a interior carpenter, make sure to discuss first the over-all cost of the whole project and see to it that you agree on details such as labor costs, material estimates, and other fees to be charged during the course of the project. It is good to compare the cost of service of several carpenters for you to decide who would be best for the job. After all of these are laid on the table and you are ready to hire a suitable carpenter, make sure to put it all in clear writing in the form of a contract. This would help resolve issues and problems you may have with your home makeover carpentry work in the future.

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Basement Wall Paneling

Wood Paneling in Mississauga

Basement wall paneling
Basement wall paneling

Basement Wall Paneling  in Mississauga

Recently we had to open up a Basement Wall Paneling from the 80s. Sometimes people wood panel over important things such as electrical outlets and  water taps to shut off the water for the outside garden hose. In this particular case the customer was going to paint all the paneling in the basement here in Mississauga. This made it easy to just cut the wood paneling trying to locate the outside garden tap shut off valve.


When we were finished locating the water shot off valve we had to close the hole back by reinserting the paneling we just cut out. Since the piece of panel was cut out from a non-supported section  of panel (no studs here) in the wall we  had to install some strips of wood behind to secure the peace together.


Note, it is wise to cut the hole as uniform and square as possible is a nice clean straight cut preferably on some kind of a fault line. So when you go to put this back in the place it should line up nicely and the faultlines camouflage the cut joint.


In this case since the paneling in the basement will be painted it will be easy to plaster repair the joint with some fiber tape and some sandable plaster. The fiber tape is used instead of regular tape because it’s a little stronger than using tape and places were there’s a little bit of vibration in the wall since paneling is not as secure and solid as drywall. Furthermore in this case we also used some exterior plaster which has some vinyl content mixed in with it to give it some flexibility.


Once the plaster was done we primed the wood panel repair to a nice flat finished smooth surface being careful not to leave any humps or bumps or unsanded edges.


It is wise though to paint wood paneling that is old like this one was with a very low luster if not flat or velvet finish. Also make sure that there are no stains in the wood paneling because they will bleed through the paint job. Sometimes it’s wise to check all your walls to make sure that there are no pen marks crayon or felt marker marks. If this is the case then you should prime the spots with some kind of spot sealer such as binz or kilz to seal any stains.


Also paneling usually has open joints between panels and when you paint the walls you will see all these joints easily. To overcome these joints and to fix them we usually use latex caulking to lightly and smoothly fill these joints in.

Usually it takes  three coats of latex paint to give all your wood paneling a nice finished look.

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door jamb repair

broken door lock

Door jam repair diagram cross-section
Door jam repair diagram cross-section.

Mississauga handyman came to the rescue because  Home owner could not have a broken front entry door not repaired. It needed a broken door lock repair to secure the door again.

Front door was broken into during the night and Toronto painting and carpentry came to repair it the following morning. The door was kicked in breaking the door frame therefore the door lock could no longer work. We had to rebuild the doorjamb and install a new striker plate hole and striker plate to secure the door again. Then we put up some fresh door casing to finish the job off making it look like a entry door that never had any problems.

It is so easy to break in a regular door. All it needs is a good strong kick and it will bust the doorframe or the door lock. Add door will break at its weakest point whether it is the door frame or the lock. They both have to be tough enough to withstand moderately heavy intrusion. There is no sense installing a heavy duty door lock into a weak doorframe or vice versa. In this case the door lock was in good condition but unfortunately the door frame was week and was never properly secured to the door opening usually two by fours all around the door opening.

This striker side of the door frame have to be rebuilt with a fresh sturdy piece of 2 x 4 lumber secured to the concrete giving the door latch side more secure support.

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deadbolt exterior door lock

Door Lock


Toronto painters carpentry

services also include installation  of simple security locks such as this deadbolt.

This type of modern deadbolt can be purchased at Home Depot for around $20. It is a good-looking secure lock that can only be opened from the inside. It is attached/secured with three simple panhead  wood screws through a brass plate .

Any dead-bolt lock is better than the common key-in-knob variety. We spent weeks prying, hammering, picking, pummeling, and drilling locks, and few scored well. A handful proved far more susceptible than most.

Drills easily open most locks

With all except one lock classified as high-security, even an ordinary cordless drill could drill out the cylinders in 2 minutes or less. Our tests on the Medeco, which has hardened cylinders across the product line, ruined the locks but denied access–so you’d have to replace the lock but not your home’s contents.

iSEEK – Web – Viewing ‘Top Door lock Reviews | Best Door lock – Consumer Reports’

Installing extra security lock on exterior door in Mississauga Https://

A photo posted by Vic Nagy (@expertpainter) on







  This is a very simple security set up in case your door is being jimmied the door still stays locked   A video posted by Vic Nagy (@expertpainter) on  

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interior doors Home Depot installers

Interior Doors Home Depot

 installed interior doors of people
new door installed
We do a lot of interior doors Home Depot type installations. A lot of our customers have tried using the interior doors installer carpenters from Home Depot but were not satisfied with the result

Mississauga handyman – carpentry

When doing interior door repair or installations or just simply hardware upgrades it’s better to work one-on-one with Mississauga handyman.

Upon arriving at your home and discussing your needs or problems with your door, we can discuss what and how we are going to do it.

Obviously we measure up the door first if we are doing a new door replacement. We then draw conclusions on what can be done and what should be done and we will know what we will be able to do with the interior door.

First of all doors come in standard sizes from Home Depot of course custom sizes could be ordered. Sometimes doors have to be a little shorter than normal or little narrower. This constitute a custom order.

The standard interior door sizes are as follows:

door thicknesses are available in 1 inch 3/8 and 1 inch 3/4.

And the standard widths are: 18 inches, 20 inches, 24 inches, 30 inches, 32 inches.

And the standard heights are: 80 inches, 84 inches and 96 in doors.

Anything different from these will be either custom ordered or we can adjust the size is on-site by either cutting them shorter replacing the “rail” which is a part of the skeleton of the door or by narrowing the door by replacing the “style”

All the doors this way will be custom fit opening and closing properly.

here are some of the complaints found on their own website This is not to say that the entire Home Depot service is no good but there are the occasional ones that show up that really are not qualified and here are some of the comments left on their site,

Interior doors  home depot installers important info to know

“Installer was NOT knowledgable enough to problem solve

December 21, 2014
I had to stand over this guy and keep asking him to make the step in safer. He finally came up with using wood instead of the material included for the footstep entry and then did not finish it off by sealing and painting the area. So, there is bare wood exposed.
interior bedroom doorDecember 21, 2014
I don’t feel like I got good quality work for the amount I paid. It took them 2 months to install my door after measuring which is ridiculous and conflicted with schedule. They had to do extra work because measuring apparently wasn’t done right and the door is already messing up. Highly dissatisfied.poor experience
December 17, 2014
The installer show up two days late with the wrong size door and no screens for the window. It then took another month to get the doorsShoddy installation
December 17, 2014
The installers did not install one of the doors properly the first time. The door would not close properly 100% of the time and would not lock at all. I called -they were supposed to come out and fix one day, whether they came out or not, I don’t know, the door was still not fixed. They had to come out a second time. It’s finally fixed. 2 months after installation.
These were some of the complaints just  lately
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Bookshelf , Custom Carpentry


One bookshelf or more bookshelves will store lots of books or magazines.Is one item most people have, it’s an excellent way to organize your books and magazines.

Custom bookshelf


Our finish interior carpentry services include most of interior trim work and cabinetry repairs and custom alterations. Book shelving/bookshelves can be a freestanding piece of furniture or it can be a wall mounted book rack. This can be applied part and parcel with any interior trim alterations such as replacing the door casings and window casings to make everything look uniform.

Bookshelf Helps organize

You can also organize books and your belongings such as things like small electronic gadgets and storage boxes storing your favorite knickknacks

Wood bookshelf is quite common in homes.
Bookshelves can be made out of a lot of different types of materials, they can be made out of metal (wired or stamped shelving) or plastic and my favorite is wood. You can do all kinds of things with wood shelves, metal shelving is more of commercial use or heavy-duty use.
Shelves can be decorated to suit your living room or den or office and your private library. Bookshelves can be custom made to suit your needs in a variety of different configurations and styles. If you want to place a group of larger items on a shelf and then you have some smaller items they could be also placed on the same plane on a step shelf to make all items look to be the same height. There is a variety of different ways to attach the shelf to the wall. You might position the shelf using dowl pins or you might use adjustable metal clip holes.
Wood shelving can have a different variety of finishes. The wood can be stained or painted. Wood can also be varnished. Depending on the looks you’re trying to achieve you might choose, a nice walnut stained urethane with a satin or semigloss clear urethane or varathane finish. These finishes are tuff and durable and will last many years.

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Deck Staining, Building, Carpentry

Selecting The Right Wood or Composite

Toronto deck repairs on: Selecting the right Wood for your Deck

Toronto deck repairs and deck building are mostly made from the most common of woods that are locally available with ease from the building centers such as Home Depot, Rona and Home hardware. They are the major suppliers mostly for the common deck builder. Even when you buy red Western Cedar is not as good as naturally grown wood.

Buying wood for your deck that is a high quality has to be more than likely a special order from a specialty supplier of deck wood that can order from various parts of the country here in Canada or possibly even the US.

There are several popular choices for deck boards. Once you have chosen the boards, I pick the appropriate wood for your trim, posts and railings. Based on your needs and budget, I can build decks out of other woods and composite materials.

Redwood ~ A distinctive pink/red colored wood which ages to gray. The red heartwood is naturally resistant to damage from termites and moisture. Any white part of a redwood board, known as sapwood, has little resistance to termites and rot. I use Construction Grade Heart Redwood, commonly known as Con Heart, which has no sapwood and some knots. I can also use more expensive grades of redwood, if your budget permits.

Mangaris™ (Red Balau) ~ A dense grained, reddish-brown hardwood from Indonesia/Thailand that ages to a silver gray like Teak. It stains up like Mahogany and is more durable than Redwood. It costs about 10-20% more than redwood and is moderately more labor intensive. See the rich color of the unstained wood.

“Ironwoods” ~ A chocolate brown family of heavy and durable South American hardwoods, including Ipe and Pau Lope. They offer excellent termite and weather resistance. However, they are considerably more labor intensive and it costs about 10-20% more than redwood.

Composites ~ The best known of these new decking materials is Trex™, an extremely durable mix of wood fibers (sawdust) and recycled plastics. It requires no staining, painting, waterproofing, or regular wood maintenance. However, urban legend has it that squirrels love using Trex edges to sharpen their teeth. New composites are coming on the market every day and research on the Internet will yield lots of options. To see what colors and grains are available, check out Trex’s Brasilia,

Accents and Origins products.

via Selecting The Right Wood or Composite for Los Angeles Decks, Fences, Gates & Arbors.

These ones are quite exotic and probably cost more than most people can afford to pay for wood on a deck. Also it is worth mentioning that the additional extra expense for the premium wood doesn’t mean that it would lasting longer, it might just be aesthetically pleasing and that’s it.

We have found that special order red Cedar grade 1 even though it cost quite about more money is worth it is just simply looks great and rich.

For further info on deck repairs and deck and fence building call for an estimate in Toronto, Mississauga, Richmond Hill and Oakville.

Vic… 416-568-3547

deck repairs and building inToronto
Painter staining red Western Cedar


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mississauga painting company

House painting in Mississauga Tips.

Tip 2:  if you are painting a room that requires more than 1 gallon of paint,Mix several cans of paint in a large bucket for a consistent color throughout the room.

Paint can have variations in for example if 2 cans of paint were made at different times in other words different batch numbers. Or another situation might be that the person in the paint store was not able to make a perfect 2nd gallon of paint. This the reason why you want to mix up all your painting into one can to make sure that everything is exactly the same color and shade.

 painting tips
Tip 2: pouring cans of paint into large bucket for consistency

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home improvement

Home Improvement Toronto

Toronto Home Improvement Carpenter Services

There’s all kinds of ways to do home improvement in Toronto and the simplest one is painting. House painting gives the biggest bang for the buck. Painting is strictly a visual effect. You can do such things as lower or heighten the ceiling by merely start doing such things as extending the wall color slightly onto the ceiling.

If you have some details in a room that can cause the room to be seemingly to the smaller such as some particular architectural features things like chair rails, Wainscott or bulkheads. Painting out these features with the same color as the rest of the wall will give the illusion of a greater space, and take away from details.

If you have a boring room and want to make it a little more interesting if you can emphasize certain features are painting them contrasting colors. Another way to make the room book more interesting it’s to paint one wall an alternative color called a feature wall.

Some rooms might be too dark and just by changing it to a light color which doesn’t mean you have to paint it white, there are lots of light colors that will have a similar effect as painting it white. Light colors will have a special effect on the room giving the room a larger feel and more space. Another great effect is painting a wall facing the window a light tone and color giving the rest of the room a special effect.

By going from a flat finish to an egg shell finish you can brighten a room up because the shell has more shine in it reflecting more light which of course brightens the room and giving it the larger spatial feel.

Home improvement can also be installing a new shelf or putting in a brand-new wall mount shelving unit or putting in crown molding. Some other items that might improve the look of your home would include:

much needed home repairs,broken baseboards,broke doors,door hinges squeeking,new door hinges and new door knobs and passage sets,loose  kitchen cupboard doors.

· wainscot

· cornice mold

· baseboards (this is a low-cost remove and replace concept where you remove the old baseboard which is probably a flat profile with a colonial series shallow groove 3 and three-quarter inch all the way to a six-inch profile baseboard)

· remove and replace doors and door casings but even if you just improve the casings and replace them with a modern style door casing it would look nice

· some people remove the stucco from their ceilings and then replies to them flat to the nice smooth finish and then paint the ceiling with a nice matte flat white

· another nice low cost effective way repainting your kitchen cabinets or replace your kitchen cabinets which ever one you have enough funding for

· you can remove your old carpets and replace it with engineered flooring

Toronto carpenter professionals will installs Wainscotting and Crown Molding, remove and replaces baseboards and door trim and window trim plus more!

Our Toronto Residential Painting Services and Deck Building Include:

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