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door jamb repair

broken door lock

Door jam repair diagram cross-section
Door jam repair diagram cross-section.

Mississauga handyman came to the rescue because  Home owner could not have a broken front entry door not repaired. It needed a broken door lock repair to secure the door again.

Front door was broken into during the night and Toronto painting and carpentry came to repair it the following morning. The door was kicked in breaking the door frame therefore the door lock could no longer work. We had to rebuild the doorjamb and install a new striker plate hole and striker plate to secure the door again. Then we put up some fresh door casing to finish the job off making it look like a entry door that never had any problems.

It is so easy to break in a regular door. All it needs is a good strong kick and it will bust the doorframe or the door lock. Add door will break at its weakest point whether it is the door frame or the lock. They both have to be tough enough to withstand moderately heavy intrusion. There is no sense installing a heavy duty door lock into a weak doorframe or vice versa. In this case the door lock was in good condition but unfortunately the door frame was week and was never properly secured to the door opening usually two by fours all around the door opening.

This striker side of the door frame have to be rebuilt with a fresh sturdy piece of 2 x 4 lumber secured to the concrete giving the door latch side more secure support.

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