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Choosing your house paint colors is a personal taste preference. If you’ve been contemplating on some type of home renovation but you’re on a budget you might consider house paint colors as a cheap and easy way to do your home renovations.
You have to take into account the styling and layout of your home (whether these are open spaces with plenty of lighting or they are small boxed in rooms with limited amount of lighting).

One of the ways to give your old home and fresh look at little cost investment is to transform your hallways and stairways. This is the main artery of your home where you pass through to different areas of the house. The hallway and stairways connect to everything such as your kitchen and dining room and laundry room also powder room, family room, den and so on. And of course when you go upstairs there are large walls around the staircase leading up to the 2nd floor. This can also be painted in different ways and designs to give the staircase a totally different look and give your home fresh feel .

beautiful house paint colours
A very light pastel sage color fits anything. I

Some ideas for staircases to change them from dull and boring to stunning and exciting is by painting them “sage green” this is a very versatile color that fits most homes.

toronto painting companies

New condos Toronto

 new condos

are an in thing these days. There were all kinds of new condos being built in Toronto. Most of these condos will be sold with the basic paint job leaving the new condo  painter to do their magic to the new condo decor. New condos in Toronto are going up in the hundreds and they will all need interior condo painting

 condo painting
Painter painting condo wall with brush.

sooner or later. New condos Toronto generally have a cheap low-grade all-in-one paint. Many new condos Toronto can paint entire condo units in just a few hours using spray painting and low-quality low luster fill and finish latex paint. Their primary concern for interior painting is to make the condo look fresh and clean. Toronto condo painters treat your condo the same way they do interior painting in a private house. These condos also have the same features as houses do. They can be built with beautiful doors and baseboards and also they can include such things as wainscot and crown molding along with fireplace mantels and built-in shelving and bookshelves. Toronto condo painters are more than qualified to paint your new condo Toronto home give us a call 416-568-3547

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Author Vic Nagy

toronto painting contractors

Toronto painting contractors and carpenters. Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to have their carpentry and painting done by the same contractor.

  • You wouldn’t have to have 2 different contractors coming to your home to do 2 different jobs.
  • The contractor will be well acquainted with the surroundings and the homeowner.
  • Quality of work will be at a higher level because the carpentry work is ensured to be top quality, because he knows he will have to paint it also and this makes for sure a very well polished finish.

With these different considerations it is wise to get interior finish contractor who does both painting and carpentry at the same time.

For example if a homeowner would like to have some wainscoting installed into the dining room he would know that the job would be done from start to finish by the same people.

A sample installation would be as the following pictures:


 Dining room before carpentry and painting
Dining room before carpentry and painting.
 Finish carpentry done and primed.
Dining room after carpentry

 carpentry finished and painted in dining room
Carpentry finished and painted in dining room

This is a sample of what you might expect from a painting and carpentry contractor. The work is professionally done and there is no wasting of time between when the carpentry work is completed and when the painter can come in. Also you know for sure the quality of work will be it’s finest because the painter will have done a good preparation work with carpentry.
Other work that a painter can do quite easily would be to remove and install baseboards, nail them on nicely ensuring that there are no mismatches between the different pieces of wood and that there is no gaps between the wall and the baseboard and if there is to neatly and accurately fill in the gaps.
Where a proper carpentry job is done it is easier for the painter to cover it with paint. When trim work is painted it shows all the deficiencies in defects in the wood so therefore if the wood is in perfect condition and prepared properly the painted trim work will look excellent.


Vic Nagy 416-568-3547

Mississauga Painters

Mississauga  House, Condo, Apartment, Commercial Interior, Exterior Painters

Our location is very close to Mississauga and Brampton. We are also located at 6855 Airport Rd. Suite 119 in Mississauga Ontario. We have many requests to paint the house in these areas we are not just strictly a Toronto paint company. We  also paint cottages.  Mississauga Painters

You can  hire  our interior and exterior painting  experts for Mississauga houses and Brampton and Oakville and Milton Ontario and Streetsville Ontario, with us you are worry free knowing you have one of the best Mississauga house painter in the area. Whether you want to do some interior painting or some exterior painting.

We have been extending our painting services out to these areas for many years. Back in those years we already considered Mississauga and Brampton and Oakville and Streetsville a part of the GTA even before it was named the GTA. Our services are exactly the same whether you were doing a house painting in Toronto or Mississauga.

Painter Mississauga and Painter Toronto:exterior painting of house

We respect your belongings

  • we clear the room of all small movable furniture and items
  • anything that we cannot remove we will cover
  • we make sure that all your floors are protected

Before painting we do prepping for painting

  • we carefully inspect all the walls for cracks and holes
  • we scrape off all peeling and flaking paint
  • the plaster all cracks and holes and nail holes from pictures
  • And we sand and prime all repaired and plastered areas


  • we remove all the tape and masking we applied
  • put back all doorknobs and light switch plates electrical plug in plates
  • we carefully remove all painting drop sheets and plastics
  • we clean up or vacuum floor
  • we put all the furniture back to the approximate location they were before painting
  • we remove all our garbage and painting tools

Contact us today at 416-568-3547 for a free estimate on your exterior house painting or interior house painting needs or click on Mississauga painters.

home improvement

Home Improvement Toronto

Toronto Home Improvement Carpenter Services

There’s all kinds of ways to do home improvement in Toronto and the simplest one is painting. House painting gives the biggest bang for the buck. Painting is strictly a visual effect. You can do such things as lower or heighten the ceiling by merely start doing such things as extending the wall color slightly onto the ceiling.

If you have some details in a room that can cause the room to be seemingly to the smaller such as some particular architectural features things like chair rails, Wainscott or bulkheads. Painting out these features with the same color as the rest of the wall will give the illusion of a greater space, and take away from details.

If you have a boring room and want to make it a little more interesting if you can emphasize certain features are painting them contrasting colors. Another way to make the room book more interesting it’s to paint one wall an alternative color called a feature wall.

Some rooms might be too dark and just by changing it to a light color which doesn’t mean you have to paint it white, there are lots of light colors that will have a similar effect as painting it white. Light colors will have a special effect on the room giving the room a larger feel and more space. Another great effect is painting a wall facing the window a light tone and color giving the rest of the room a special effect.

By going from a flat finish to an egg shell finish you can brighten a room up because the shell has more shine in it reflecting more light which of course brightens the room and giving it the larger spatial feel.

Home improvement can also be installing a new shelf or putting in a brand-new wall mount shelving unit or putting in crown molding. Some other items that might improve the look of your home would include:

much needed home repairs,broken baseboards,broke doors,door hinges squeeking,new door hinges and new door knobs and passage sets,loose  kitchen cupboard doors.

· wainscot

· cornice mold

· baseboards (this is a low-cost remove and replace concept where you remove the old baseboard which is probably a flat profile with a colonial series shallow groove 3 and three-quarter inch all the way to a six-inch profile baseboard)

· remove and replace doors and door casings but even if you just improve the casings and replace them with a modern style door casing it would look nice

· some people remove the stucco from their ceilings and then replies to them flat to the nice smooth finish and then paint the ceiling with a nice matte flat white

· another nice low cost effective way repainting your kitchen cabinets or replace your kitchen cabinets which ever one you have enough funding for

· you can remove your old carpets and replace it with engineered flooring

Toronto carpenter professionals will installs Wainscotting and Crown Molding, remove and replaces baseboards and door trim and window trim plus more!

Our Toronto Residential Painting Services and Deck Building Include:

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