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Bedroom upgrade ideas with paint colors

 Some important bedroom upgrade ideas If You Have Wood Paneling

As you can see in the picture, there is a huge difference just by Implementing Some Bedroom Upgrade Ideas, painting the old-style natural coloured wood panelling to a creamy white colour. Hollywood painting Toronto has done many hundreds of these over the years.

Just by livening up the wall colour is one major of, our bedroom upgrade Ideas entirely improves the way the room looks and brand-new space.

These types of rooms usually though are in basements of homes. This was a trendy thing back in the 70s and 80s putting up natural wall panelling to give the basement a finished look. Wall panelling is very easy to install and is a lot easier than putting up drywall, and it is already prefinished.

Times have changed and not only has natural wood panelling installations decreased more and more people now are using straight drywall to finish off basements.

There are a couple of things to mention when dealing with upgrading or updating a specific room in your home.

You have to, first of all, decide what looks you want the space to have with what you have. Might need to add to the room or subtract (less square feet) from the room. When you are adding to the room you are decreasing this living space but adding comfort to either storage or Easy Access. If you are removing walls and adding to create a larger room your creating a larger living space.

So this is where the first things to consider bedroom upgrade ideas after you decided the layout and design of your room, is choosing paint colors for your rec room.

If you have Windows and doors that have been trimmed out with casing and baseboards it is wise not to darken the wood trim work too much because if the room is relatively small, it will box the room in making it look even more confined. You might want to check out your interior paints and interior paint colors I suggest at any Home Depot or Benjamin Moore store

Bedroom upgrade ideas
Bedroom upgrade ideas what about painting it white


By now I am sure you are feeling like if you’ve seen one saggy-carpet-and-wall-to-wall-paneling bedroom before shot of my house, you’ve seen them all…and with the master bedroom, it’s more of the same. By no means would I slap a FINISHED label on this room, but I am starting to feel pretty happy with how …

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Hopefully, we have enlightened you a little bit on some bedroom upgrade ideas.


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