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People sometimes don’t know or understand what paint to use in bathroom as opposed to any other rooms in the house . The issue here is obviously you have lots of water and humidity in the air and on the walls. When you’re taking a hot shower, steam will turn into condensation developing on the walls and ceilings. The bathroom gets very moist and even wet very often.

Markham Bathroom Renovators Explain How

There are special paints made for this which have special paint additives added to the paint to prevent mildew and mold. Usually the paints are called kitchen and bathroom paint. We usually use this on very heavy duty usage areas where you know for sure that people will be using the shower a lot. These paints are available in a variety of shine levels from eggshell and semigloss to gloss. Bare in mind that you still have to do the preparation prior to painting. It is even more important here because moisture will get behind the paint easier than normal. All end joints have to be sealed with siliconized bathroom caulking to prevent “peeling paint in bathroom” problems.

In lesser used bathrooms where there won’t be moisture left on the walls continuously or there’s good ventilation for immediately evacuation the moisture out of the bathroom you can use a good quality eggshell or semi gloss paint. Flat paint is more porous thus allowing water molecules to be absorbed into the paint. This is not a good paint for this type of area. A better paint would be at least eggshell :shine level” which has some shine and is more of a non-permeable surface and better yet would be semigloss or even gloss which would be the best for keeping the water from getting into the paint.

So now you know what paint the bathroom you should use.

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