Average Cost to Paint a House?

This all depends on what types of homes are being painted. There are a few different types: fully detached homes in the neighbourhood of 3000 ft.? to 5000 ft.? in higher end neighbourhoods, these homes are usually equipped with more extravagant interior finishes and trim work which of course require more specialized attention. Some homes might have all oak wood paneling libraries that in in itself or larger jobs in preparation work such as fine sanding/preparing and then multiple coats of clear finishes to acquire a depth required to give it a lustrous feel and look. This type of work can only be done by professional painters who have experience at this type of work.

These homes also might have high ceilings not uncommon to have 10 foot high walls with crown molding at the top requiring accurate brushwork at a greater height which in turn slows down the painting process. These homes might have also large door and window casings with corner blocks that require more specialized painting techniques. The main area of the home might have two-story high entrance way that may require scaffolding to access some higher parts of the ceiling.

There could also be two or three tone mixture of paint and stain on circular stairs that require meticulous special attention to detail ensuring that the staircase is more of a furniture grade finish. ll these items added up to an expensive paint job that can only be quoted per job basis. And then there are your regular type subdivision homes that are made with your basic standard interior designs and trimmings. And these ones are more likely to be quoted on a price per square foot for painting bases.

These prices can vary anywhere from $1.25 to $2.50 per square foot depending on factors such as if the ceilings are being painted or not, and if the ceilings were ever painted before. If the home is empty for the painting process or if the home is lived in because if it is lived in and that means that there will be some furniture to move around and cover to protect it from any paint sprinkle and paint damage. Some more important factors are if the walls have ever been painted before, if the walls are white and a color is applied and what the depth of the color is whether it is a light color or whether it is a dark color because dark colors require more coats of paint.

If the home has to finish settling and has numerous cracks along the ceilings and elsewhere that need to be pasta repaired. This is a regular occurrence on homes after they had been built and the house starts settling. It is recommended to not paint in some cases up to two years to ensure that the home doesn’t settle further after the paint job has been performed creating more cracks here and there. Then there are condos, again there are variations in price per foot or even by the job quotes because condos can range anywhere from the superhigh luxury condo requires an amazing amount of detail to your regular standard one or two bedroom condo.

Regular one or two bedroom condos can vary anywhere from $1000-$2000 again depending on what’s required to be painted in the condo. A new condos that have stucco ceilings it is required that the ceilings get painted with oil paint first this prevents the stucco from crumbling or ruining the texture using latex paints. This can add to the cost of the condo painting job. Some condos are quite elaborate that have two-story areas built in, extension ladder work to be able to paint the upper half of the large open area this can also drive up the price of the condo paint job. So as you can see there are lots of variables to calculate house painting rates

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