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Air B&B Toronto Condo painters in Mississauga and Oakville

Getting your Air B&B Toronto property painted by Hollywood painting Toronto is a good idea.

Air B&B Toronto rentals are very popular and highly recommended. The reason that Hollywood painting Toronto knows this because we see the properties and they are absolutely immaculately maintained for the ones that we work on.

Air B&B Toronto
Air B&B Toronto
Here is an Air B&B GTA property

Hollywood painting Toronto Your air B&B greater Toronto area application specialists and maintenance always do its best their work. To begin with, we always ensure that there will be no damages to the floor or furniture with any paint drops or paint smears. We use plastic to cover all the furniture that we don’t or unable to move to the middle of the room.

Next, we lay down cloth drop covers on the floor to ensure the floor does not get painted. We covered the entire floor everywhere where we walk to make sure that we do not step on a drop of paint off the drop sheet and step onto another spot of uncovered floor and deposit the smeared paint.

Please Note; We use modern painting techniques and only the best acrylic paint such as Benjamin Moore or Sherwin-Williams paints. Working on these properties is even more important to make sure that all the work is done to accommodate higher use and traffic. Wear and tear on these units are worse because they are rented out constantly to different people who might not be as careful to the touch as a homeowner. Some people are very good and are careful with the walls and doors and of course the furnishing of these air B&B Toronto property rentals. But, that some aren’t, and for this reason, all the paints have to be of high quality to withstand smudges of dirt. The walls should be able to be washable. Likewise, doors and door frames get dirty also and they have to be washed the contracted cleaning company.


When we are applying paint. to baseboards in this Air B&B Toronto property we, first of all, make sure that it. is caulked in with latex caulking covering any open cracks. We then generally paint all the baseboards with a high-quality semigloss paint (regal) by Benjamin Moore paints. This paint is excellent paint flows nicely and covers very well and does not leave drips and sags. As we move along the floor we make sure that there are no drops and sprinkles as we are applying paint so we carry a. damp cloth with us to make sure that the floors totally clean as we continue working.

Air B&B Condo painter at work
Air B&B Condo painter at work
Air B&B Toronto baseboard work

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